How to Grow Kanthari Mulaku – Bird’s Eye Chili of Kerala


KANTHARI MULAKU (Jeeraka Paranki/Bird’s Eye Chili/Thai Pepper) are some of the common names of this chili.

Kanthari mulaku is a chili pepper typically found in Kerala, Meghalaya and few different Asian nations. Some also call it Mouse/Rat droppings.
It is understand as bird’s eye chili because birds love to pick the ripe chili, Black drongo is one of the primary contender for eating bird’s eye chili in Kerala.

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Chilies are very small in length(now not extra than 2-3 cm)yet smelly and hot, this chilies will make your eyes water in case you devour one. Most kanthari mulaku sold in Kerala marketplace are hybrid ones, It could be larger in length and may be slight in flavor and spice content material.

Bird’s eye chili flower faces down and chili is upward going through the sky.
Bird’s Eye Chili is one most of the ten most up to date chili peppers inside the global.


Kanthari is difficult to locate in supermarket or other vegetable keep due to the fact it’s far considered some what local fruit in Kerala. All the local sorts are appeared down with the aid of officers and the complete community. But Kanthari also has a unique difficulty; It is very exertions in depth to reap and manufacturing is very low as compared to different chillies.

Medicinal Values and Health Benefits of Birds Eye Chili Kanthari
* Kanthari facilitates in increasing appetite by using stimulating the gut and could be very effective in controlling flatulence.
* It is excessive in Capsaicin. It is very powerful in controlling cholesterol levels. When you eat chilies your frame temperature rises. To convey again frame to regular temperature it might burn extra energy, with a view to make you shed pounds and waste elimination hurries up.
* Indigenous humans used this chili to treat bruises and swelling. It makes blood thin in the end clearing the bruised or damaged area and providing fresh blood to the affected elements.
* Some also claim it makes you extraordinarily alert.
* Bird’s eye chili become also traditionally used to ease arthritis ache.

Green or ripe chilies may be used for cooking or may be eaten uncooked with different dishes. In Kerala christian community(in particular farmers) devour them loads usually with kappa(cassava) or within the form of thenga chammanthi(coconut chutney).

It has a totally wonderful smell and imparts excellent flavor to the food. Especially butter milk.

This is a perennial plant bearing chilies through out the 12 months if taken care(anticipate for some months). Plant reaches a top of 1.Five to two meters. They are color loving plant life and want normal supply of water. It with resist direct daylight if adequate water is furnished however won’t fruit.

If you ignore this plant after sowing. During summer time months leaves will wither and plant will move into hibernation, supplied it’s miles in open ground and no longer in a flower pot. When it starts offevolved to rain this plant gets lower back in movement. This plant lives for six to 7 years. However after three to 4 years production may also drop.
It is good for inter cropping with coconut and different plantation as kanthari does now not want direct sunlight. If the plant gets broken due to coconut or other tree branches falling at the plant; it’s going to grow lower back provided the decrease part of the steam is unbroken.

It desires no special fertilizer. Just cow dung slurry every fortnight is extra than sufficient for exact manufacturing.

Chilies can be harvested when matured or after it has ripen it could be sun dried and used for a long term. Flavor and spice content is locked even in dried shape.

How to develop Kanthari chillies from seed
* – Best time to begin getting ready saplings is with the aid of end of March.
* – Pick a few completely ripe red chilies
* – Place the chilies in an envelope or between newspaper and rub it nicely so that each one the seeds are separated from the flesh. Now collect all the seeds in a shallow box and pour a few hot water(Not boiling water, however need to be substantially hot) Rub the seeds properly keeping them inside the warm water. (Please put on a gloves or cowl your fingers with coconut oil to avoid burning sensation in hand, Its will become unbearable for 2 or 3 days on a stretch if not taken care. Don’t dare to the touch the hand on excessive components of your body. Oil dissolves capsaicin connected on your skin, repeat oil application and wash with soap for several times. This will ease the pain however no longer right now therapy).
* – Seeds which are floating at the water discard them as they may be hollow and could now not germinate.
* – Now repeat the procedure with some clean warm water and smooth all the outer membrane on the seeds(In nature this system occurs inner birds gut, here we’re seeking to mirror the identical).
* – Take the seeds out of water and upload some ash from burned leaves(Mango leaf ash is good) into the seeds blend well and permit it dry overnight.
* – Seeds are prepared to be planted in sowing beds or planting location. (Above noted process has more than 90 percentage germination of seeds. However not all sapling may additionally establish them self and fruit nicely).
* – Water well. Kanthari desires lot of water. (But don’t make soil soggy. Trick is water after every three or 4 hours for 2 to a few days)
* – Once the sapling start emerging. They could have parallel leaves on the crown(This leaves have to obviously fall off after few weeks, take care.) and in coming few days you may see 0.33 leaf rising. It’s time to transplant to baggage or to the brand new planting area.

* Chilies also can be used as an insect repellent when overwhelmed with water. However when there is cheaper change like cows urine, why use chilies.
* I am not sure if that is practiced even nowadays. After delivery of infants; mothers are given a glass of kanthari juice.

Smallest kanthari is the quality. Kanthari compared with average chili.

Common Pest which Attack Kanthari Mulaku
* Aphids are very not unusual pest that assault birds eye chilies. I use a bit neem oil(margosa plant oil) and Zebu farm animals urine and spray on to the plant. This may be very powerful.
* Another ailment is curling of leaf. Leaves that have already curled cannot be cured as according to my enjoy. I use the equal above cited cows urine and neem oil. Also crop the effect leaves from the plant. It will develop returned new leaves pretty soon. You may also try spraying thick rice water obtained after boiling rice. This is also powerful in controlling the harm.
* Grasshoppers are huge hassle for the duration of the onset of monsoon. They harm lot of leaves in a day or two. New leafs grow lower back however flowers growth cycle receives affected. Yet to discover a effective answer. Do drop a comment or mail if you realize the way to manipulate grasshoppers(please no chemical compounds).


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