Money plant or pothos is a number evergreen vegetation local to southeast Asia. It is an excellent preference for novices because of its much less traumatic nature and believed to carry top luck to any family. You can develop those vegetation as hiking or trailing vine each, and it could grow nicely in almost any sort of weather.

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How to Grow Money Plant in Plastic bottle?



For growing your money plant in a plastic bottle, you will need the subsequent:

A plastic jar or bottle. If viable take bottle with a extensive mouth

Tap water/Clean and freshwater

Fertilizer (as in step with the want)


Steps to comply with

Choose a plastic container or bottle in which you wish to grow your plant and wash it properly.
You need to choose a transparent bottle on the time of beginning the plant as this kind of bottle will make it smooth to monitor the boom of your plant.

If you are taking water as a developing medium, then take a easy box and fill it with water. Although those flowers can carry out nicely in faucet water as nicely, it’s miles really helpful to take clean and freshwater. Let your water take a seat for as a minimum 12 hours if you are using chlorinated water as a good way to permit the chemicals to evaporate. Then, fill 3/4 of the bottle with this water.

For soil as a medium, simply fill the plastic bottle with ordinary garden soil.
You also can add fertilizer earlier than planting the cuttings into it. This will enhance the growth and health of the plant. Use an all-reason fertilizer with a 1/6-1/four balanced strength. You also can use a liquid fertilizer to your vegetation.

Self-watering Planter with Plastic Bottle

While growing cash flora in a plastic bottle, it receives difficult to apply soil as the developing medium, as the plastic bottles generally have a small mouth, So even if you come what may fill the soil, it turns into difficult to hold the plant. You can, however, reduce the bottle into two halves and put together a self-watering planter for your Money plant. Here is how you can do it.


One plastic bottle

A piece of rope

A marker

Sharp knife/ cutter

Potting soil

Some cuttings from a healthy Money plant


Steps to Follow

Choose a plastic bottle of your choice, preferably with a narrow establishing, and easy it thoroughly.
Make a circle across the center of the bottle or a barely above it and cut the bottle into with the help of a cutter or knife.

Fill the lowest part of the bottle with water and hold it aside.
Take the top segment of the bottle and put off the cap from it. Make a hole huge sufficient in the lid to suit the dimensions of rope and put this cover back on.
Now put the rope into this hollow and tie a knot so that the rest of the rope is placing on the outer aspect of the bottle.

Turn the pinnacle phase of the bottle the other way up and place it over the lowest segment in this type of way that the rope from the upper section drops into the lowest part of the bottle.
Fill the 3/4 of the pinnacle section with some potting soil, pour with a few water, and plant the cuttings into it.
You most effective want to re-water the vegetation when the bottom segment receives empty.
These planters are fine for the time when you are going out of your house for some days, as those will deal with the water desires of your plants and maintain them healthy.


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