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How To Grow Money Plant Indoors In Water?


Money plant is a not unusual residence plant that may be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is amongst one of the few plant life that may be grown in pure water, even without adding any fertilizers. It is quite clean to develop, and requires minimum care.

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Money plant is also regarded by means of one-of-a-kind names which include golden pothos, satan’s ivy, silver vine, solomon Islands ivy, satan’s vine, ivy arum, taro vine, feng shui plant. It is believed that maintaining money plant at domestic brings top luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness.


Here are the step-with the aid of-step details of growing cash plant from stem cuttings in water.Step 6. Change water as soon as the water turns turbid. Maintain water level to cover the roots.

Step 1. Take a wholesome stem from an current money plant. It’s counseled which you take a thick stem of round 30 cm in length.

Step 2. Make a pointy cut of around forty five tiers, just above a node. A node is a factor from which plant the leaves of the money plant grow.

Step 3. Put the stem in glass jar, glass bottle, plastic bottle or a ceramic pot. Fill the jar with water such that it covers as a minimum one node. The water should be easy and unfastened from chlorine. Its cautioned that you use filtered water.

Step 4. Keep the jar at a place where it could get oblique daylight. You may preserve it near windows.

Step 5. New roots have to start acting 1-2 week’s time.

Step 6. Change water as quickly because the water turns turbid. Maintain water degree to cover the roots.


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