How to Grow Spinach (Palak) at Home?


Spinach is one of the maximum satisfying wintry weather crops to develop this is rich in nutrients. It has darkish green leaves that are absolutely correct for fitness and is used as salad. We can successfully grow this crop if we begin sowing seeds as quickly as viable inside the spring season. This crop can be grown throughout 12 months in spite of being winter season crop. The major plus point of this crop is that it may be grown on all soils but sandy loam soil having pH 7.0 is excellent for its cultivation.

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Sowing time and seed Rate
Winter crops should be sown in September-October and spring/summer crop in mid February to April. Palak is grown almost in the course of the year, if you are growing in winters take four-6 kg and for summers take 10-15 kg of seeds according to acre.

Seed have to be sown at a intensity of 3-4 cm and at 20 cm apart in a row.

Manures and Fertilizers
10 tonnes of farmyard manure with 35kg of Nitrogen(urea ought to be 75kg) and 12 kg of P2O5( superphosphate ought to be 75kg) according to acre.


Before sowing, practice complete farmyard manure, P2O5 and half of of N. Apply the ultimate 1/2 in two splits cutting observed by way of irrigation.

First irrigation must be achieved at once after sowing. In summers, subsequent irrigation ought to be accomplished at an c language of four-6 days and 10-12 days in winters.

Spinach is ready to cut after three-4 weeks of sowing. Cutting have to be carried out at an c programming language of 20-25 days depending on the form of spinach and season it’s far being cultivated. In summers most effective one slicing ought to be taken.

Production of Seed
1. Minimum 1000 meters must be maintained all around palak seed discipline from different varieties.

2. 50 cm x 30 cm distance should be maintained Row to Row and plant to plant.

3. For subject inspection skip one row after each five rows.

4. Minimum of three subject inspections must be made for buying the true form of seed.

5. First inspection should be made at vegetative segment

6. Second inspection need to be made at bolting phase.

7. Third and ultimate inspection must be accomplished earlier than harvesting of the crop.

8. The crop must be harvested while most of the overdue ripening seed stalk turns brown.

9. After harvesting the crop must be left on the field for curing and drying for a week earlier than seed threshing.

10. To finish, spinach is a healthful vegetable that may be grown effortlessly for your kitchen garden too.


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