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How to Grow Your Own Turmeric Indoors


Sure, you may buy turmeric powder from the spice branch to whip up your very own golden milk, turmeric lattes, turmeric smoothies, or turmeric tea, however aficionados swear by sparkling turmeric for the first-class flavor and viable fitness benefits. And at the same time as you could discover the sparkling stuff in health food shops and even mainstream grocery shops, it isn’t cheap.

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Luckily turmeric is simple to grow if you have a sunny spot to put a large pot or planter. Give it what it likes and it’s going to develop like a weed and reward you with appealing tropical foliage and a beneficiant harvest of sparkling turmeric.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a tropical plant within the identical own family as ginger. Not a dainty plant, turmeric has big green leaves and grows three or more feet tall. As the plant matures every stem sends up a spike of greenish-white and once in a while purple vegetation. Like ginger, turmeric prospers in warm, humid conditions and properly-drained, neutral so.


1. Calculate when to plant.

Turmeric takes seven to 10 months from planting to harvest. To parent out whilst you need to plant, be counted back 10 months from while you usually get your first frost within the fall. My first frost is round mid-October, so I’d begin my turmeric among mid-December and mid-March. If your growing season is longer, or you have a huge and sunny indoor area to develop it, your timing is much less essential, however you are nonetheless probable to get the nice results from planting in past due winter via spring.Il.

2. Source your rhizomes.
Turmeric is grown from rhizomes, fleshy root-like structures. My local grocery store and health meals keep both have fresh rhizomes for sale in the iciness. Asian or Indian groceries are also possibly to inventory it, or may be able to order some for you. If you may’t find any domestically, Jung Seed sells small potted plant life, or you can buy sparkling turmeric rhizomes from a number of sellers on Amazon or eBay. (Choose a supplier inside the U.S. To avoid viable customs troubles). Select plump rhizomes with as many bumps (buds) alongside the edges as possible.


You will want a 14- to 18-inch pot or planter for every 6 to eight inches of rhizome, and sufficient potting soil to fill it. But to begin, it’s greater sensible to sprout your rhizomes in smaller bins after which transplant them into the larger bins after they have some leaves and are developing well. Here’s how:

1. Cut your rhizomes into sections, with or three buds on each section.

2. Fill three-inch pots halfway with an amazing potting soil.

3. Lay the rhizome sections flat on the soil, and cowl with greater potting soil.

4. Water properly and slip the pots into clear plastic bags.

5. Place the pots or clamshells in the warmest area you could discover (86 to 95 tiers is right). Sprouting at decrease temperatures might be very slow and your rhizomes may also even rot as opposed to sprout. No toasty place? You could make a tremendous germination chamber with a heating pad or a small table lamp, a picnic cooler, and a thermometer. Or you can purchase a small germination chamber for domestic use. Light or no mild is exceptional at this degree.


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