How To Install Wallpaper?


The Wallpapering Process Flow :
Two styles of Wallpaper Adhesives:
i. Non-Woven Wallpapers application on Wall ( Wallpapering): [See Symbol ___ on Label] Here we use B-Tex-Adhesive Powder supplied in Mini-Pack ( one hundred thirty five grams) & B-Tex HD-Emulsion ( 50 grams) in Mini Dibi. This quantity will be sufficient to put in on wall upto 2 Std. Rolls (each Std Roll is appx 5.4 sq. Mtrs that may cover wall vicinity upto four.5 to 4.7 sq. Mtrs).
Ii. Wallpapers with Std. Base Paper: On-wall software ( Wallpapering). Here we use G-Tex-Adhesive Powder (50 grams) provided in Mini-Pack & G-Tex F-Emulsion in Mini Dibi. This quantity will be sufficient to install on wall upto 2 Std. Rolls (each Std Roll is appx 5.4 sq. Mtrs which could cover wall region upto 4.5 to 4.7 sq. Mtrs).

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[A] Surface Preparation:
i. Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from dirt.
Ii. Treat areas in which there’s excessive danger of fungus/mould boom with excessive best fungicidal wash.
Iii. Fill cracks, dents and scrape bulges etc and smoothen the wall sufficiently so that these are not seen via the wallpaper after it’s software.
Iv. Sandpaper the surface for ensuring proper smoothness of floor and dustoff the particles with a tender broom or brush.

[B] How to get commenced with wallpapering ?
I. Check on Label in the plastic obvious jacketed rolls (esp. When having more than one roll of same layout) the Lot-Number.
Ii. Make certain that same design rolls have identical Lot Numbers (identical Lot ensures equal coloration in a couple of rolls of identical design).
Iii. If Lots are extraordinary then do no longer open the plastic jacket otherwise the supplier may not take lower back the Rolls for change.
Iv. Once diagnosed that the Lot Number on rolls are same, then remove the plastic jacket on the roll and keep the label.
V. Measure the peak of the wall.
Vi. To the peak measured, upload at the least 10 cms after which cut the first sheet from the roll.
Vii. To reduce the 2d sheet, lay the first sheet on the floor. Then unroll the length of approximately the identical size from the roll via matching the layout on the first sheet (for layout continuity cause) after which cut it.
Viii. The layout healthy in centimeters length is also sometimes shown at the label.
Ix. Similarly reduce different sheets from the rolls in keeping with the height of the wall.
X. Mark every sheet with sheet variety in sequence on the rear aspect of the design.
Xi. Stack the sheets one over the alternative serially.

[C-1] How to make adhesive Solution for Non-Woven Wallpapering ?:
i. Take about three .5 litres of water and sprinkle B-Tex Powder to it progressively and slowly at the same time as hand stirring the water constantly for about 2 to 3 minutes.
Ii. After mixing allow leave it to itself for about 10 minutes till it forms a uniform solution.
Iii.To this answer, add B-Tex-HD-Emulsion, supplied in a Mini-Dibi and hand stir it to mix it properly.
Iv. Allow the solution to moist itself for about 10 minutes until it paperwork a uniformly viscous whitish homogeneous answer of adhesive.

[C-2] How to make adhesive Solution for Std. Base Paper Wallpapering ?:
i. For 1 Mini-Pkt (50 grams) of G-Tex Adhesive Powder, take approximately 4 litres of water in bucket.
Ii. Stir water vigorously with a stick or hand (to form a vortex in water) and preserve including the G-Tex Powder very slowly & gradually. (Warm water shall help it dissolve fast).
Iii. Leave the G-Tex adhesive mix for about half-hour to allow it shape a uniform adhesive Solution.
Iv. If there are any lumps fashioned then deliver a few greater time to dissolve them. You can also mesh these with hand to dissolve it to shape a uniform answer.
V. Add water to sufficiently dilute the Adhesive Solution, in line with the porosity of wall.(greater porous wall shall want more diluted answer).
Vi. Add F-Emulsion from the Mini-Dibi (50 grams Favicol) and hand stir to shape a uniform homogeneous Solution.
Vii. Allow it for moist for approximately 5 to 10 mins greater.. And as a result, the adhesive for wallpapering is ready.
Viii. After wallpapering, use F-Emulsion to seal edges wherever essential.

[D-1] How to get began with set up technique of Non-Woven wallpaper ?
I. After following above para B (all eleven steps), follow adhesive solution (as according to above para C-1) on wall uniformly with Roller brush.
Ii. Apply the base of non-woven Wallpaper over the paste on wall.
Iii. Sponge press it gently in order that the wallpaper-sheet starts adhering to the wall.1
iv. It shall take about 2 to 3 hours to solidify and get firm on wall.

[D-2] How to get started out with installation procedure of Wallpaper with Base-paper ?
I. Follow above para B (all 11 steps)
ii. Cover the floor with newspaper of size and period slightly larger than the scale of the wallpaper sheets saved prepared for wallpapering.
Iii. Take each sheet serially with the 1st one first.
Iv. Place it on a floor blanketed with newspapers, with the design going through the floor.
V. Apply Solution (as per above para C-2) on the Base-paper uniformly and permit it to wet sufficiently for approximately 10 to fifteen mins.
Vi. Fold the sheets as proven inside the graphic figures, without causing any creases or fold marks.
Vii. In the intervening time follow G-Tex adhesive Solution on the alternative sheets and fold them as in shown above.

[E] How to Apply Wallpaper-sheets on wall ?
I. Take one sheet at a time.
Ii. The first one, marketplace with Serial # 1, unfold it.
Iii. If the Adhesive has long gone dry on the bottom paper then observe it sufficiently and transfer the sheet on the wall.
Iv. Let the first sheet be located precisely vertical with the assist of plumb-line (It’s available in any hardware shop or make your very own plumb line by means of attaching a three to four meter length string to a ring containing bunch of keys and droop it).
V. Align the primary sheet with the vertical plumb line and then use ‘squeezee’ to softly press the wallpaper and take off extra of adhesive, lumps or bubbles from in the back of the wallpaper till it lays flat at the wall.
Vi. Similarly take the 2d sheet and place it side-by means of-side and use squeezee to put it flat on wall as in dv above.
Vii. If bubbles re-seem then not to fear, they shall disappear whilst after drying in 8 to 12 hours.
Viii. Cutting extra sheet at the pinnacle or backside or round door or window or different obstruction, the cutouts have to be completed with a pointy razor blade or a cutter and for straight slicing take help of an extended metallic scale.
Ix. After wallpapering sponge-smooth off any adhesive left on the wallpaper without spreading it on the wallpaper.
X. Before closing off, finally check all edges of wallpaper are properly & firmly pasted. If determined unfastened then paste it firmly.

Congratulations… Your uninteresting walls became beautiful partitions !


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