The flat roofs of buildings are uncovered, for the maximum period of the day, to the sizzling heat of the summer time solar. It is but herbal that the roof receives badly heated. The rooms below them additionally emerge as unbearably hot as the heat gets transferred below. How can we keep away from or reduce this heat?

Here is the good judgment of the reason, and the remedy. Concrete is a totally dense material. When concrete gets heated, it retains the warmth for a totally long term. This warmth is radiated into the rooms at night time while the surroundings are becoming cool. Due to the stillness of air beneath the roof, the air inside the room additionally turns into warm. The ceiling fan revolving beneath the roof pushes the nice and cozy air down. Needless to explain the discomfort.

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Insulate the roof from above

Insulate the roof from under

Avoid the heat switch from the roof to the room

Cool the roof with some approach

Extract the recent air gathered underneath the roof


Extract the heat from the roof earlier than it gets transferred

Shade the roof

If the solar’s warmness is unbearable, we stand under a tree or open an umbrella to color ourselves. We have also skilled that the temperature inside houses shaded via bushes are very low and pleasant, in summer time also. We park the car under a tree to keep away from the automobile getting heated. Similarly, if the daylight is heating the roof, coloration it with a light-weight roof manufactured from GI Sheet, Mangalore Tiles or canvas. The shadow prevents the roof slab from heating. The shelter also can be used for gatherings.

The roof also can be sheltered via having shading functions like pergolas. Creepers can be grown over the pergolas to increase the coloration.

High walls or trellises along the perimeter of the roof can also colour the roof. However, it’ll be a costly affair.

Plants are the excellent material to colour a roof. Unlike a tin roof, the flowers do not get heated. They soak up warmness and mild. Place potted flowers on the roof, shelter the roof and enjoy the veggies they yield. Make a terrace garden.

The topmost ground of an rental is the carrier ground which includes the overhead tank, pressure pumps, carry system, electric powered panels, CCTV digital camera recorders, get right of entry to monitors, fireplace protection gadget, water tanks etc. It does not count number if this floor receives heated. It actually prevents the final habited floor from getting heated.

Top insulation

Terrace gardens will prevent warmness absorption. The flowers and grass shade the roof. The earth will insulate the roof. Wetness within the mud will honestly cool the roof. However, seek advice from your structural engineer if the roof can carry the garden load and a landscape architect to layout a upkeep-smooth lawn.

Traditionally, “Surkhi”, a combination of brick bat, lime, maravajra (herbal adhesive) and Antvalakai (gum fruit) was used as weather evidence layer to defend the roof from getting heated. It is not famous in recent times due to lack of ability and know-how. Weather proof clay panels are commonly used for insulation. Each clay panel comes with 3 tube-like holes.

This void allows to keep away from heat transfer. Besides, clay does now not absorb and retain warmth too much. It is laid over the concrete roof with cement mortar.

Foam concrete panels can be used instead of clay panels referred to above, in a comparable manner. The sponge-like perforation in the lightweight concrete block prevents heat switch to the roof slab.

A layer of 40 mm gravel (railway jelly) laid on the roof can efficiently save you the roof from getting heated. The gravel shades the roof by way of day. The polygonal floor of the gravel makes minimum touch with the roof. This prevents heat transfer. At night, the gravel offers out the heat to the cool air. The downside of this remedy is that we can’t walk with no trouble at the roof to apply the terrace.

In Jodhpur, Rajasthan, roofs are painted white with lime. White lime reflects a high-quality deal of warmth with the intention to in any other case be absorbed by using the roof. However, the top will must be painted almost every 12 months.

Many manufacturers use the identical generation and offer roof coatings that will closing for many years. While some coats are white the others are silver in colour to beautify reflectance. The providers claim 5 diploma discount of warmth.

Bituminous sheets with silver coating on one side are available for top insulation of the roof. They now not simplest reflect warmness and insulate but also shield the roof from water leakage.

They are about eight mm thick and have a silver coating on the uncovered aspect. They are glued to the roof with bitumen liquid. Silver coating reflects the heat and the bitumen insulates.


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