How to Make Your Own Homemade Water Filter


Have you ever questioned if you could make your very own water filter at domestic? Well, through absolutely replicating the layers inside the ground, you can mimic the natural water filtration method that occurs within the water cycle.

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I started teaching my daughter about water filtration and ways we might be capable of easy up grimy water. I let her brainstorm for a minute to provide you with some ideas. Her first idea was to use a strainer to easy out dust, but the holes had been a long way too huge and wiped clean out almost nothing. Next up she wanted to strive a fabric serviette. While this labored a piece higher, our water changed into nonetheless muddy. Once she turned into out of thoughts, and my kitchen was a near catastrophe, I confirmed her any other manner we may want to build our personal water clear out.
For this test you’ll want:


A plastic bottle or funnel
A vase
Activated Charcoal
Clean sand
Our Experiment Begins
I selected to use a plastic bottle. We regularly don’t FB-eight-22-14-Homemade-Filter-2recommend the use of plastic bottles on your each day life however today you may put an vintage one to right use. Start off with the aid of cutting the lowest off of the bottle with a pair of scissors. This is the only step of this test that become not child friendly but the whole lot else is safe and clean for little hands. Now turn your bottle the wrong way up into the vase. It’s time to start layering. First layer will be your cotton balls. You need to have 1-2 inches of cotton. Next layer might be your activated charcoal. I used approximately an inch really worth. Lucky for me I had maximum of those gadgets left over from the terrarium we made some months ago. An even better concept might be to do both on the same time to assist train your children about the water cycle. Overtop of the charcoal, upload 2 inches of gravel. You also can use stones when you have no gravel. Your next layer may be three-4 inches of sand. Since your sand is there to lure large debris, the cleanser the sand the higher this experiment will flip out. Lastly, add another layer of gravel.

FB-8-22-14-Homemade-Filter-3Bring on the Dirt
Now take a nice big glass of water and dirty it up. Mix a great quantity of dirt into it and turn it into dust. My daughter cherished this component.

Pour your muddy water into the pinnacle of your water filter and watch it slowly saturate the layers and make its way via your clear out into the glass below.

FB-8-22-14-Homemade-Filter-5FB-eight-22-14-Homemade-Filter-4Our Results, Filtered Water
Ideally, you’ll have some cute clean water pop out the alternative end. While it’s now not the cleanest water I’ve seen, I assume we did a quite desirable job. It’s virtually not drinkable though, so please don’t attempt. You by no means recognise what kind of contaminants can be hiding in there.

This changed into a super, educational pastime that helped increase at the filtration process of the water cycle and provide an explanation for how water filters paintings. I tons pick my Filter Butler water filtration machine even though!

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