How to Press and Preserve Leaves for Crafts and Home Decor


Pressing leaves is a popular fall activity while leaves trade pigment from vegetables to reds, oranges and yellows. However, it could sincerely be executed yr-round. Keep the youngsters busy by using sending them on a venture to gather thrilling outside foliage, assist them keep the leaves and turn them right into a a laugh seasonal or everyday mission.

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Tips for Finding Perfect Leaves


— Make certain they’re loose from bugs and fungi.

— As excellent as they’re and as tempting as it can be, do now not take leaves from National Parks. It is unlawful.

— Remember that even poison ivy changes shade inside the fall, so be sure to know what it and different undesirable plants look like before amassing leaves.

— For leaves which are easy to press, look for ones with out quite a few moisture content.

Methods for Pressing Leaves Flat
This time-tested method nevertheless works. Make sure the leaves are absolutely dry and make certain to press the leaves between a layer of paper or (newspaper works well) in order to prevent harm to the e-book pages. Try to apply an vintage book, simply in case.

Iron with Wax Paper –


1. Find a extraordinarily flat leaf that doesn’t have an excessive amount of water content material and region it among two sheets (or a folded sheet) of wax paper.

2. Put a cloth on pinnacle of the ironing board and region the leaf in wax paper on top of it. Lay some other cloth on pinnacle of the wax paper. This prevents wax from melting on both the iron or the ironing board.

3. Turn your iron to high (no steam).

4. Slowly begin to gently iron the pinnacle material while ensuring the leaf doesn’t shift within the wax paper. Press right down to make sure that the wax paper completely seals across the leaf.

5. When the wax paper has melted, you’ll be aware that the paper turns into clearer. Let it cool absolutely after which reduce across the leaf as favored, leaving a small wax paper border a good way to preserve the leaf sealed.

Tip: A towel is probably too thick to apply as the top material, preventing enough warmness from hitting the wax paper.

Grab an Iron –

Heat up an iron to the medium setting however make certain to turn the steam setting off. Place a leaf between paper towels or thin cloths and press the iron down on the leaf. You’ll in all likelihood want to do this for five-10 mins, liberating the iron from the leaf each minute or so (monitor closely and use judgement). Turn the leaf over a few times (you can want to exchange the paper towels, too) and maintain to press until the preferred result is acheived.

Buy Professional Help –

Of course, there are gadgets which could press a leaf or flower in only minutes including soapstone microwave presses that flatten and strip moisture out of vegetation and leaves in just mins. Or, in particular-designed timber frames held collectively by way of rivets or spring can flawlessly press a flower over days without an excessive amount of attempt.

Methods to Preserve Leaves
Pop Leaves into the Microwave –

This approach calls for tracking as leaves can catch hearth if left in too long and only works with clean leaves that are not but dried out.

1. Arrange leaves on top of paper towels. Cover them with every other paper towel.

2. Microwave for 30 seconds to a few minutes. The drier the leaves, the less time they may need but be VERY careful. It’s fine to microwave them in very quick intervals, checking for dryness alongside the way. Leaves that curl at the cease generally want more time even as leaves which might be scorched have–you guessed it–been cooked too lengthy.

3. Let the leaves air dry for an afternoon or two and then spray them on each facets with acrylic spray that can be observed at Michael’s or similar craft stores.

Use Glycerin –

Glycerin can be either offered on line or discovered in a local drugstore, though you’ll want to name to check availability as it is not carried with the aid of all. Using this approach will actually maintain the leaves for years and some crafters have mentioned success keeping branches with leaves on them by using the usage of this method.

1. Mix 1 part glycerin to two components of water in a shallow dish like a pitcher baking dish. You’ll need sufficient to submerge the leaves.

2. Place the leaves in the baking dish with a weight on top to absolutely submerge the leaves within the solution.

3. Keep the leaves submerged for 2-6 days. Check them after 2 days and again each day after that until they are smooth and pliable.

4. Dry the leaves with a paper towel and they are geared up for crafting information.

Martha Stewart uses this approach when preparing leaves for leaf wreaths.


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