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How to repair and reuse LED Bulb


The LED household bulbs (A-lamps) are right here to stay. They introduced in Very excessive efficiency (Compared to silly Incans), Less warmness output; and more importantly, Longer working life.

However there are nevertheless instances wherein an LED bulb fails. Interestingly, the same old failure mode of LED bulb is just the busted driver. LED chips themselves usually survive. Even if the LED chip fails, simply just 1 or 2 from the whole array. This phenomenon makes the LED A-lamps a good candidate for salvage and reuse.

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Here I shall manual you a way to salvage an busted LED bulb, Remove the driving force and trace out the coolest LED chips. These chips then, can be established a low voltage handy electricity source consisting of USB or AC-DC adapter.

Step 1: Crack Them Open – These bulbs are usually glued close, which no access to additives from outside. Help your self to a hammer and ruin away. Faint hearted parents may additionally try to noticed the lens off. Use gloves & Eye safety.


Step 2: Multimeter Multimeter! Here to Help – Discard the LED driving force. Its extra than possibly the issue to fail.

We just want the LED array now.

Use the Multimeter continuity to parent out the circuit course of designed array. Each lamp producer has their unique way. Some designers put all the LEDs in collection. While a few choose a Bunch of Series-Parallel matrix. Some Manufacturers also use Multi chip LEDs in a unmarried bundle. 3030 is considered one of them, Having 2 LEDs in Series within the package, with an effective VF of about 6v.

More possibly Manufactures these days use 2538, 5730, 5670 Chips. Some older deigns do use 5050 or 3528 fashion Chips. All these chips are approximately three.2v DC.

One neat manner to check the LEDs is to apply 3 AA Cells in series (powerful 3.6v for Rechargeable), Hooked as much as a few skinny probes ( I used needles). Test each LED with the probes. Mark the Polarity of Each LED. Also mark out the dead LEDs. We want to do away with those out.

Step 3: Convert to Parallel – That become amusing, Wasn’t it?

Now which you’ve removed the bad LEDs (this is essential or they will quick the array) and Identified excellent ones, Its time to re-design the array. If you are the use of low voltage source like USB 5v, you could use LEDs in parallel only. If you’re using a better voltage like 12v Adapter or a car battery, You can use a sequence string of 4 LEDs.

For my Project I Converted all of the true LEDs to Parallel via soldering thin Telephone wires on them. You will have to reduce the circuit strains to make every LED character & Isolated from others. Coat the entire mess in Hot glue for protection and longer life. Keep LED emitters open though.

Step 4: Add USB Cable & Resistors – Finally, Add some period of cord depending for your utility. I used an USB cable from Old Printer. Cut off the ‘B’ give up and solder one cause LED array. Other lead will have a chain resistor to limit the modern. I determined to apply 12 ohm, 1 watt resistor. That kept the modern-day at ease even as being plenty vibrant.

Step 5: Enjoy – With this neat little LED USB light, the possibilities are limitless. Here I am the usage of it to light my Laptop Keyboard and workspace. The Light is lots vivid to write or study through.


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