How To Season A Clay Pot


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How to hold claypots, burnt claypots and so forth.

I don’t really keep in mind in which this craze for clay pots began.I had sold one claypot(manchatty) lengthy again for making fish curry as I’ve heard that fish curries made in clay pots tastes amazing.The only clay pot I had emerge as that and I used for making fish curry and puli kuzhambu types.I did not season that pot genuinely poured starch water for 2 days and began using it.I used it for nearly a yr then it started out to crack at the lowest so needed to discard it.

I soo love the aroma of the dishes on the same time as cooking in claypots, you want to certainly revel in it and am positive you can no longer appearance back.


You can begin the use of the claypots as such after washing and soaking in starch water for 2 days.But then the stairs of seasoning gives lengthy life to the claypots.So I did hundreds of research asking pals, shopkeepers this time.

Now I very personal the ones three claypots.If I purchase extra will sure replace this put up proper right here 🙂 The black clay pot is likewise called as burnt claypot or karichatty .The pinnacle black one was gifted via a pal she even pro and gave it to me,the alternative 2 I offered it proper right here in a community keep and seasoned it.When I went to buy those pots I asked the shopkeeper akkas for tips and referred proper right here too for seasoning.So I took time and did the seasoning.It takes nearly five days for the seasoning method however I inform its really worth so do it.

Black claypots are not some thing but the brown ones burnt for at least three-5 days which gives it that black color.They said black claypots are more stronger and lasts longer as they may be burnt.

How to shop for claypots:

Make high quality its heavy and thick.
Turn again knock and observe, you must listen a pleasant shriek ‘tang’ sound.The louder the sound the coolest it’s far to buy it.If you try and knock a used pot the sound can be hollow or low pitched.
How do I realise at the same time as to discard the claypot:

Mild cracks will start to shape in the back of the pot then it isn’t always useful to use it for cooking.You can use the pot for soaking ragi or kambu koozh or use for gardening.
It may moreover start to leak and ooze out oil at the lower returned, then its time to discard.
Either one or each of those are signs and symptoms.


Cooking in claypots desires staying power and practice because it takes time to get heated.And even after switching off the range you could see it boiling that is the main strong point of claypots.
It works in gas stoves and could now not paintings in induction now not sure of different heat resources.

It is continually higher to have separate clay pots for veg and non-veg.
Do now not use any soap for laundry.Use handiest rice flour or besan flour or chapathi flour.
Be very cautious at the same time as cooking for the primary time after seasoning.If you burn it then the burnt smell will hold throughout and could show in any meals cooked in that pot.Yes I ruined a brand new pot and needed to discard it so enjoy speaks So make any curries first not any dry gadgets to be on the safer side.

Do no longer warmness an empty pot.
Overheating the pot can also lead to cracks so its higher to keep low medium flame whilst cooking.
Also after cooking do now not pour water right now, the unexpected exchange in temperature may result in cracks.So watch for it to settle down for a while then soak in water after which wash.
This brown claypot which I use for ordinary cooking like packing for mittus lunchbox and veggie curries.


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