how to stop bathroom leakage??


Bathroom Leakage from top floor
There are several motives for leakage in Bathroom like broken walls, mold growth, and so forth. But earlier than getting anything fixed/rectified, it’s maximum important to know the motive for leakage.

Reason 1


But when you have a 2nd story toilet or buddies’ toilet inside the same location, the trouble may be in water deliver line or in one of the Bathroom Fittings – faucet or drains. Here the upper neighbor shall first of all try and locate to reason of the leak. If the leakage is because of water supply line/drain line, than that will be fixed first. Here the flooring will should be compulsorily changed. Because the tiles could be suffering from the leak which in destiny may also crack/wreck. But at the same time as changing the floors of the toilet, water proofing have to be finished. Once the waterproofing is executed, a domestic-proprietor need no longer fear for next four-5 years (or even greater).

Process of water proofing in present rest room.

Firstly the antique tiles are broken and the surface is made clean/in level for waterproofing.
The water proofing chemical then implemented or sprayed on the floor and most importantly joints of wall. The chemical used is imported chemical.
The chemical is implemented twice. Once the primary coat is implemented & then 2nd coat is implemented in next 2-three hours. But see to it that the second coat applied is in distinct path to the primary coat i.E. If the primary coat is implemented vertically than the second one coat will be applied horizontally.


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Reason 2

If you spot a moist spot that reoccurs off-on on the ceiling than there are ninety nine% chances for the leakage in drain pipe. This problem takes place whilst “Nani lure” or “nahani entice” isn’t always constant nicely. Trap is basically small hollow from wherein water flows outside of your bathroom. Fitting inner this outlet is called “lure”. Only professional contractors & mason workers realize that it’s miles vital to vicinity this trap blanketed by using small pipe piece for additonal protection. This is popularly referred to as “vata” (common plumbing language of Mumbai)

“Vata” (pipe protecting) is a small part that expenses round Rs 50 to Rs 100, however that is unnoticed by way of maximum mason people. This small measures can save 1000s if rupees in future.

You have S-entice and P-entice used for drain. The sort of lure to be used is determined on the space availability. But here there’s a pipe running through the “Nani trap” that includes an extra pipe inside.

Reason 3

In a few cases, there may be leakage inside the fixture if it’s got rotten. Here you need to update the whole becoming or diverter. There are possibilities of loose fitting among the water supply line and the fixture. This can be constant with the aid of tightening the proper.

As you notice from above, it’s very crucial to understand the reasons of leakage. If the flooring is modified of the bathroom, the traps shall additionally be modified. Usually there’s no leakage problem visible if CPVC pipes are used for water deliver and drainage machine.


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