How To Upload Driving License and RC book to DigiLocker ?


DigiLocker is govt. of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} below the Digital India initiative introduced DigiLocker.

DigiLocker may be a platform for distributing documentaries and certificates in digital type. This eliminates the employment of physical documents. Indian voters WHO sign on for the weight unit Locker Account can get a fervent cloud space for storing connected to their Aadhaar or UID range.


Government Departments and establishments registered in Dighy boat will export documents and certificates distributed by electronic copies on to citizens’ lockers. voters will transfer scanned copies in their documents to their accounts. These documents are electronically signed mistreatment the ESign utility.


The original record of digitized retention of digitally deployed digitally in motor visits was found out in September, 2018. The MP Transfer can settle for digital documents keep in mobile applications and can be lawfully valid. The state police captain has conjointly issued a circular to refer as a registrar. However, there area unit complaints that several individuals area unit still unable to modify the documents mistreatment this technique. the most important litigant is that the weight unit Locker app isn’t having the ability to update the license. Kerala Police provides a transparent answer to the current.

Many people have discovered that the motive force license cannot be updated within the weight unit Locker app however it’ll be simple if you employ the special format for driving a driver’s license.

Our license number is within the format AA / BBBB / YYYY. The digital digital copy of the license isn’t available within the same format. amendment the {license number|registration number|number|identification number} to the subsequent format: KLAAYYYY000BBBB offer this number as number. Note, the quantity within the middle (BBBB) ought to be changed to ‘7’ (Number zero is other to the number 0). If the center range is BBBB, build it as 000BBBB. for example, if your license number is 15/12345/2018, you may ought to kind it within the formula known as KL1520180012345. additionally, the recent licenses accommodates alphabets rather than the quantity indicating the district. For example: The recent license of TR / 1001/2006 within the Thrissur district ought to incline as KL082006001001. Licenses will be updated during this method.



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