How to Use Old DirecTV Dish for an Antenna


Since DirectTV does not uninstall old dishes, you may need to get innovative in relation to re-purposing or upcycling your antique satellite tv for pc. If local recycling isn’t an option, perhaps you could whip up some sort of makeshift parabolic spy microphone with an old tin can? Or, in case you’re feeling a touch much less crazy, you can simply use the antique dish to seize some more HD channels. Grab a ladder, get a buddy to spot you and permit’s get dishing.

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How It Works
Even when your DirectTV subscription lapses, your dish nevertheless has a few application. The big, concave form of the dish itself “catches” over-the-air signals and funnels those indicators into the feed horn, the pole-fashioned part of the dish that faces inward.


So, will a satellite dish work as an antenna via itself? No, however it may paintings in tandem with a easy out of doors antenna to supply doubtlessly amazing effects.

What you’ll basically be doing here is using the bowl-formed DirectTV dish to extend the sign for an external antenna to trap. According to Interesting Engineering, a few do-it-yourselfers have multiplied the quantity of unfastened TV channels they acquire from approximately 3 to extra than 40 using this method.

Let’s Go Antenna Shopping
To convert your antique satellite tv for pc dish to an HDTV antenna, you’ll want a particular form of antenna. What you are looking for is an HD antenna with a coaxial connection (the old-college screw-in kind of connector which you use for cable TV and cable net). This sort of antenna gets unfastened, over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts in excessive-def. The quantity of OTA HD channels you receive relies upon for your location, but using your dish to grab greater sign can significantly growth the antenna’s range.

Now which you recognize what sort of antenna you need, look for an outdoor version that is compact enough to mount at the feed horn of your DirectTV dish. Ideally, you’ll need an antenna that uses a U-bolt for set up so it may be without problems secured to a pole. As of 2018, you ought to be capable of swing this for $50 or less.

Your Antenna-Sat TV Setup
Here’s where a little elbow grease comes in. Use the antenna’s protected U-bolt to at ease the antenna to the dish’s feed horn. If the antenna is simply too huge and you’re the on hand kind, you can use a bit of pipe to increase the feed horn. In any case, the maximum crucial thing here is that the antenna is secured to the feed horn and that it faces inward, closer to the dish. Once secured, direct your dish toward the nearby TV broadcast towers, which can be likely positioned in the nearest metropolitan location.

When your DirectTV dish was mounted, the installer ran a coaxial cable from the dish to the house – that’s what you may be the usage of to connect your new antenna. Screw the coaxial cable on the dish into the antenna’s coax port, then screw the stop of the cable it really is in your house into the coax port at the lower back of your HDTV and you are ready to channel surf.


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