In your bedroom, don’t sleep with your head facing the window


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You may have heard that sound asleep with your head underneath a window is terrible feng shui. But do you recognize why?

Before I begin, permit me make clear that this newsletter is NOT approximately the feng shui of a mattress placed below a window. Rather, it’s miles about napping along with your bed underneath a window AND along with your head proper beneath that window.


To begin, allow me share with you a few feng shui explanations that you may have heard of about mattress below window:

“Don’t situate the bed at once beneath a window. The chi getting into via the window will disrupt sleep.” – Feng Shui Bed Positioning. Sally Painter, Feng Shui Practitioner.

“At nighttime your body wishes robust support, in addition to protection, on the way to do its best with the work of regenerating itself. This is the cause a very good solid headboard is especially advocated in feng shui. In addition to a terrific headboard, you always want to have a solid wall behind your mattress. When you sleep under the window, your personal strength tends to get weaker in time, because it has neither proper help, nor safety.” – Feng Shui Tips and Solutions for Bed Under Window. Rodika Tchi, Feng Shui Expert.

“When a bed is located underneath a window, it brings in bad chi to the occupant’s fitness. The window brings in dashing electricity that flows through and causes one to be restless. In addition, the bad chi can also impact one’s financial state of affairs.” – Is It Bad Luck to Place My Bed Under a Window. Patty Tran, Feng Shui Writer and Author

But how does the incoming chi disrupt your sleep? What does it mean with the aid of proper help or safety? How does your Chi electricity fly away at night time?

Here’s my interpretation.

Sleeping together with your head right beneath the window is bad feng shui because your sleep will be disrupted by using the Chi coming from the outdoor, which incorporates smell, sound, and others. You will get less exceptional sleep at night time, and your electricity level during the day may be weaker as a end result. As for aid and safety, consider it because the feel of protection we need so that it will relax and rest.


Here are four motives why it’s miles bad feng shui if you sleep along with your head right under a window, along with some remedies to mitigate its bad results.

Sound and Noise from the Outside are Louder
When sound turns into noise, it turns into a bad Qi that no longer simplest disrupts your sleep cycle, but also arouses anger (in my case), frustration, stress, and different bad feelings.

You may be quite familiar with how noise impacts your sleep. However, you could now not be aware of how sound travels.

If you live right next to a hectic street, here’s a simple test that you may do proper away to discover.

Go to a room with a window that is faced toward the street. With the window open, look at how lots sound or noise you could pay attention which can be coming from the out of doors. Then visit other regions in the room and have a look at once more. You will be aware that the sound is most concentrated in case you’re standing straight from the window.

This is because the window, much like your front door, is a gateway of the incoming Qi from the outdoor. Once the sound gets within the room, it will disperse and get absorbed through your furnishings, blankets, and so forth. This genuinely means that the noise stage are maximum focused right subsequent to the window. At other regions of the room, the noise stage won’t be as terrible.

With your head proper underneath the window, the sound you listen can be no different than in case you’re right outside the window. How do you watched that would have an effect on your temper and sleep?

Studies have proven that sound as faint as whispers can arouse our mind activities even when we’re sound asleep, and it is those brain sports that reason us to get much less first-rate sleep. Other studies have shown that publicity to sound reasons shifts from deeper sleep levels to lighter ones.

An easy feng shui answer is to shut your window when you go to mattress. If you stay in a loud community or inside the center of a busy road, you can set up windows with double-paned glass for higher noise reduction.

The faster and more within your budget alternative is to apply earplugs, even though it could convey you other types of soreness.

Scent and Wind are Concentrated
If you stay inside the town center and relying at the wind’s path, you may once in a while odor the auto exhaustion coming from the streets. Or, god-forbid, you can smell cigarette smoke while your next-door neighbor is smoking on their balcony.

How might you experience in case you awaken in the middle of the night from the scent of car exhaust or cigarettes? Angry? Frustrated? And would you have trouble getting back to sleep?

Just like sound, fragrance from the out of doors is most concentrated whilst you’re subsequent to the window. After it enters, it gets dispersed and diluted by means of the existing air inside the room. So if you’re drowsing with your head proper subsequent to the window, you may get the strongest scent from the out of doors, some thing it could be.

But air fine is only one element that the air brings.

With your head under the window, wind is gently blowing on your head and face constantly, sometimes without you noticing. Though you will be capable of nod off, you can awaken with migraine complications due to the fact the membranes of your nose and ears may be irritated. For a few humans, wind blowing upon the face can trigger Trigeminal Neuralgia, a pain inside the face and jaw. If the wind is bloodless, or consists of the Qi of the winter, some of us may additionally enjoy cold stimulus headache, a comparable headache typically called “mind freeze.”

Again, the easy feng shui solution is to close the window when you go to sleep. You may also need to make sure that the window is sealed tight so no air should go through.

Light Can Shine Directly Into Your Eyes
Even when you have blinds or curtains established, a few rays of mild can nevertheless manipulate to polish thru the cracks or thru the edges of the curtain.

This means that when you’re asleep together with your head right below the window, daylight can be shining onto your eyelids and into your eyes. You may additionally locate yourself waking up early within the morning (which is not a terrible aspect) and issue going back to sleep. This is because light has the capability to influence our inner clock through the retina of our eyes.

Although waking up early is a great dependancy, slumbering together with your head proper beneath a window can also delay your sleep schedule.

When power-saving LED lighting fixtures had been established in Brooklyn, New York, citizens have been complaining approximately mild pollutants and the way it turned into causing sleep deprivation and exhaustion due to its brightness. One cause is that the LED lighting were blue, which is thought for having detrimental consequences on sleep, according to Dr. Mercola. Also, with enough light intensity, definitely ultimate your eyes is not sufficient, really because mild can penetrate your eyelids.

Although you may come to be forming an amazing addiction of waking up early, you can additionally locate yourself having problem falling asleep at night. The after-impact is fatigue and sleep deprivation, which could reason greater mood swings and occasional paintings overall performance, among many different unwanted consequences.

Instead of making an investment in higher blinds or double-layered curtains, you could attempt setting on sound asleep eye masks when going to mattress. Make sure that the attention mask is thick enough to block out all light while you go to bed.


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