Interlocking Bricks – Save your construction cost


Imagine a house which is low fee, inside which even in the warm summer time the temperature is sort of 4 levels much less and that appears just beautiful! This isn’t only a dream, but a truth that has helped a number of human beings in India at the same time as constructing their dream home.

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Interlocking bricks – as the name shows locks itself with other bricks and it’s far those interlocks which give strength to the wall. No cement combination is wanted for the bonding. This is a concept which many people are not well aware of. However, the outstanding blessings of these bricks make it the want of time.

The main distinction with the ordinary bricks used for construction and the interlocking bricks are:

Interlocking bricks aren’t baked, it is simply dust in high density pressed using a pressing gadget and allowed to solidify by means of drying evidently. Some chemicals are added for increasing the bond strength. Normal bricks are baked ones
Size of interlocking brick is extra. Approximately it’s miles 2.Five instances more in volume than the baked bricks. (length is 10″ x 8″ x 4″)
Weight of Interlocking bricks is more than the equal volume of baked bricks.

Method of Construction the use of interlocking bricks
Normal basement is to be laid down first. Since the interlocking bricks have greater weight than traditional bricks, a more potent basement is needed.
Once the basement is laid, one layer of ordinary baked bricks are positioned over the basement. Width of this deposit shall in shape with the thickness of the wall which goes to be built the use of interlocking bricks.
The Interlocking bricks are well organized over this accretion. (Experienced labourers are a must considering the fact that any irregularities of their placement can’t be corrected at a later stage.
While concreting the roof, make certain that the rims of the roof undertaking out a bit greater than the wall. This is to make certain that rainwater does now not drift thru the walls.
Once the development is entire the corners of the wall are absolutely plastered using the cement. This facilitates to have adequate strain from the edges of the constructing for the bricks bonded collectively. The stress from the top is from the concrete above. So it’s miles as though the interlocking is located with adequate stress from all of the four barriers.
The external wall may be left as such without painting. But the gaps have to be full of like-coloured cement.
If the inner wall desires to be plastered, it’s far higher to make the surface tough earlier than plastering, for the reason that floor of this brick is particularly clean.

Advantages of Interlocking bricks
Cost saving in phrases of cement, sand and water.
Design is more mixed with nature as an synthetic bonding mechanism is absolutely performed away with
The partitions have extra strength than the normal walls. (simply hit the wall and listen to the sound of partitions made by means of interlocking bricks in addition to through normal bricks)
These bricks do not warmth up as rapid as ordinary bricks, hence the room will continue to be cooler.
Since no portray is needed another cost saving

Disadvantages of Interlocking Bricks
The area between the interlocks of those bricks is sufficient for insects and ants to set up their houses. However, a sealing may be achieved to save you this.
If rainwater flows immediately through these bricks, the color might also fade. We can prevent it with the aid of painting.
Sometimes it’s far tough to make certain the supply of the equal coloured bricks for the whole production.
If no longer supported via pillars, it isn’t suitable for buildings having greater than 2 floors. However, pillars are not needed for double storied homes.
Considering the fact that most of the negative aspects mentioned here shall be addressed with out an awful lot problem, Interlocking Mud Bricks are a splendid alternative for building homes on the way to now not only store money however can even help you stay near nature.


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