Journey to Attappady for farming


Attappady is an east sloping sub-plateau in Kerala nestling beneath the southwestern corner of
the Nilgiri segment of the Western Ghats. The Coimbatore plains are alongside its japanese flank and
the Mannarkad-Palakkad plains are to its south and west.

Administratively Attappady is part ofthe Palakkad District, MannarkadTaluk in Kerala. It is subdivided into 6 revenue villages namely,
Padavayal, Pudur, Kottathara, Agali, Sholayur and Kallamala. It has 3 Panchayats particularly
Pudur, Agali and Sholayur, all falling inside the Attappady Community Development Block.
Attappady has a protracted inter-State border. To its north is the Nilgiri District,
UdagamandalamTaluk and to its east is the Coimbatore District, Mettupalayam, Coimbatore
North and South taluks.


The NilamburTaluk of Malappuram District is alongside the northwest corner of Attappady past
the Silent Valley National Park. Mannarkad city, the Taluk headquarters is 37 km west of Agali
and Coimbatore town is 45 km to the east.

The geographical unit Attappady extends over approximately 750 sq.Km. It is part of the
Western Ghats falling within Kerala. It is located solely within the catchment region of the
Bhavani River and her tributaries, Siruvani and Kodungarapallam. A appreciably long extent of
the Western Ghat foremost watershed line passes through Attappady. The watershed line passing
thru Attappady is in particular very important from the point of view of Cauvery Basin with
inter-State implications. It is similarly importantfor the Bharathapuzha Basin that is a water
deficit place in Kerala.


At the time of the formation of Kerala State, Attappady become a wholesome wealthy land. This was hardly ever
3 generations’ life time in the past. Many people with clean memories and experiences of these
days are nonetheless alive in Attappady. Then 90 percent of the population was Adivasis; 10,2 hundred
human beings in 1951. Forest blanketed more than 75 percent of the land offering environmental
safety. Agriculture of first rate crop variety, productiveness and sustainability provided
food safety. The much less than eighty Adivasi settlements scattered throughout the land furnished social as
properly as cultural safety. Monetary requirements were minimal and useful resource go with the flow outward
nearly non-existent. There become no government. But this whole scenario underwent an intensive
change inside the subsequent half of a century.

3Waves of immigration first from the jap Tamil Nadu and later from the western Kerala aspect
resulted within the Adivasi populace turning into a minority (around 35 in line with cent). Their self- sufficient subsistence economy, lifestyles help natural structures in addition to ecologically harmonious
lifestyle have been destroyed in a totally quick time. They lost their together owned land and
have become dispossessedand disempowered.

Their cultural as well as unique agriculturalfoundations have been completely destroyed and devalued. A variety of improvement packages frommalaria eradication programs (spraying DDT) to the Kunda Soil Conservation Plan to the
Integrated Tribal Development Plans and later the Japanese aided eco restoration application in
the call of Attappady Hills Area Development Society (AHADS) were brought in to the place.

Inbrief, within a restricted duration an considerable amount of public finances were invested in Attappady
for a population of much less than one lakh of which rarely 35 percentage constituted the tribal
network. Every attainable authorities programme was tried out in Attappady. In spite of it
all Attappady came to symbolize sloth, tardy implementation of schemes, huge
corruption along side growing marginalization of the tribal network, exclusion of tribal
human beings from decision-making, tremendous land alienation and social disintegration.

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