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Kerala Bus Mod Livery Android Aplication


This application Only maded for Bussid game.. if you are playing bussid.. you can install it.. other way please ignore this app to install

Bus machine land permits you to expertise the fun and legitimacy of turning into a busman in Kerala. BUSSID might not be the primary, however with the foremost options and therefore the most authentic Indonesian setting, it should be one in every of the sole bus machine games with Kerala Bus mode.


kerala Mods available


All type Horns & Kerala Livery’s available

Ksrtc Livery’s…

All Indian Livery’s available.

Bus lovers hub ( Now users can share the bus related images)

Live chat


All type mods livery’s available

Private Bus & Tourist Bus in Kerala Livery’s..

Easy & Fast Download..

Kerala’s First Livery mod & Horns App

Worlds First Bussid Mod App

Upload Mods , livery & Horns

Worlds first Upload mod, Livery & horns app

World’s First open Live chat.. in Livery apps

Completely Free…

Made For Bussid

HBS Skins

This is Just beginning another updates.. we will better…

Every update we better

There square measure many levers obtainable from KSRTC’s Venad to Scania. It currently options a two-mode game. One is career mode and therefore the alternative is multiplayer mode. In Career mode, we have a tendency to get our own bus and travel from one bus depot to a different bus depot. Passengers can board the bus from the bus depot and on the manner.

Let us opt for the bus routes before the sport begins. Cities, massive highways, villages, steep pin bends, and so on. If the traveller is safely dropped at the place, the player can receive the money as a degree. we will get extra model buses to create more cash.

Download : Bus Simulator Indonesia

Download : Kerala Mod App 


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