Lawn and lawn making


A lawn is a place in which grass is grown as a green carpet for a landscape and is the primary characteristic of any garden. It serves to decorate the beauty of the lawn, be it large or smaller. Proper lawn protection performs a important component in any landscape layout. A beautiful properly maintained lawn can make the complete panorama look precise, while a garden that isn’t maintained can absolutely ruin it is splendor. The lawn now not best harmonizes with a decor of the drawing room, but additionally units of a suitable history for a specimen tree or a shrub, in addition to for colourful beds and borders. The function of the lawn in large part depends upon the layout of the lawn when it comes to the house. In trendy lawn should be extensive open with get entry to to direct sunshine, particularly in front of a rockery and a water pool.

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Site and Soil

After deciding on the website, the next vital aspect for attention is the scale and form of the garden. The training of website includes digging, leveling and enriching the soil with organic manures or by amending with fertile soil. If the soil may be very heavy, coarse sand can be added via casting off subsoil to a depth of 20 cm. The ideal soil pH need to be 5.Zero to 5.6. If it’s far very acidic 500 g/m2 lime must be delivered and to clayey loam or alkaline soil gypsum of the same amount may be brought. Provision of drainage for extra rain water should be made if the ground is not sloppy.



The website online have to be very well levelled with spade, pebbles and weeds are hand picked. The soil is rolled with a curler. Weeds particularly nut grass should now not be allowed to develop and must be eliminated with roots for at least 2 to three times.

Methods of garden making

1. Seeding

The most famous grass appropriate for seeding is “Doob” grass (Cynodon dactylon). It has the short spreading mat forming habit, radially paperwork roots on the nodes, the foliage is dark green, slim with parallel vines. A lawn from seed is thought of most effective while grass roots are not to be had. About 30 kg of seed is required for planting one hectare. The soil must be reduced to first-class tilth and given a mild rolling. The website need to be divided into appropriate small squares or rectangles, the seeds are mixed with double the quan­tity of finely sieved soil and have to be rolled once more and wa­tered liberally with rose can. The seeds take four to five weeks for germination. Care should be taken now not to flood the website online. For the primary few instances, the grasses are reduce with a scythe. Lawn mower may be used for clean protection and for its spreading.

2. Turfing

The turfs are nothing however portions of earth with compact grasses on them. These turfs have to be cut uniformly in squares from an area wherein the grass is brief, compact and free from weeds. These turfs have to be positioned at the organized ground site, side with the aid of side and overwhelmed down flat with a turf beater. The cavities in between need to be full of nice soil. The entire turfed location have to be rolled and watered liberally. This is the maximum pricey manner of garden making.


3. Turf plastering

The doob grass may be procured in huge portions loose from weeds and chopped nicely into small bits of 5-7 cm long. Two baskets of chopped grass pieces ought to be combined nicely with one basket every of lawn soil and fresh cow dung and a shovel complete of timber ash with required amount of water to shape a thick pasty substance. This mixture is then spread uniformly at the surface of a previously wetted flawlessly leveled floor to a thickness of at the least 2.5cm and watering have to be carried out with a rose can. The next day, floor need to be rolled and the grass need to be allowed to spread. The grass will shoot up in a fortnight. To start with, reduce with a scythe and after three months, use the garden mower.

4. Dibbling roots

This is the cheapest but time consuming approach. Small pieces of grass roots ought to be dibbled 10 – 15 cm aside in a leveled floor whilst it’s miles moist after rain. The roots spread and develop underground within the path of six months making a reasonably compact lawn via common mowing, rolling and watering.

After Care: It includes rolling, mowing, watering and restora­tion of patchy places, which ought to be performed regularly.

Fertilizing the garden three times a year is ok to preserve rich greenness. Application of urea or ammonium sulphate at the charge of one kg / 50 sq. M in the course of February – March, June – July and October – November is pretty beneficial. At times properly decomposed compost at 10 kg / 10 sq. M region might be sufficient as top dressing.

Weeds have to be eliminated as quickly as they appear, otherwise they unfold, seed multiply and overpower the grass. Fill the gaps with grass roots and satisfactory soil. In the absence of rain, watering is finished regularly at weekly durations.

A mower need to no longer be hired until a firm green sword has been shaped. The grass is first reduce with sickle and the surface is then rolled. Heavy curler ought to be used often but now not while the floor is both too moist or dry.
Mowing need to be finished at quick durations and never allow to provide seed stalks. Avoid slicing the grass too brief as this can harm the grass, inhibit a deeper root system from setting up and provide upward push to weeds. Different grasses have specific heights at which they could grow satisfactory, so make certain you enquire about this from the seller or your landscaping employer. The ideal peak of most grasses is 3 to four inches. Removing multiple-third of the grass leaf in a unmarried reducing isn’t always recommended. Mow handiest on dry grass and not when the grass is moist. Make certain you mower’s blade is a new and sharp earlier than starting a fresh moving consultation. To make certain smoothness make certain you exchange the mower’s oil a couple of times in the course of mowing season.

Once in a 12 months rake the garden earlier than rain and top dress with rich aggregate of decomposed manure and soil. This will boost up the grass with new lively increase.
The high-quality time to water the garden would be at some stage in the early hours of morning. Watering in the course of this time will permit the water to reach the roots with out evaporating. Mid afternoons may additionally lead to water getting evaporated quickly and watering at night time times can deliver upward thrust to the possibilities of diseases. While watering, care ought to be taken to unfold the water homogeneously throughout the lawn without over flooding or missing sure areas/spots. If the lawn is placed on heavy slopes make certain that the water does no longer run-off. Several programs of water could be vital for such surfaces to make certain ok penetration.

5. Astro Turf
It is a artificial garden popularly utilized in evolved nations in roof gardens in addition to in play grounds. It dispenses the everyday maintenance generally required for ordinary lawns. Constant sprinkling of water is one of the high requi­web site to bind the artificial fibre to offer a floor similar to a garden carpet.
A spacious lawn even though stunning will regularly be monotonous. So, to interrupt the monotony, some lovely tree or shrub is usually recommended as single specimen in the lawn.

Plants appropriate for planting in lawns as single specimen


Amherstia nobilis

Callistemon lanceolatus

Magmolia grandiflora

Cupresses macrocarpa

Pinus longifolia

Thuja orientalis

Araucaria excelsa

Shrubs and creepers:

Agave americana

Furcraea gigantea

Musa superba

Bougainvillea spectabilis

Cestrum nocturnum

Dombeya spectabilis

Hibiscus species


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