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Learn 4 Secrets to make you Granite Selection Expert


Confused and harassed with the procedure of selecting proper granite slabs on your kitchen counter tops?

Given a widespread desire of extra than 200 granite colours to select from, maximum of them evidently stunning and quite few of these granite colorations appear to head nicely with your kitchen cabinets, it’s miles no wonder that you are burdened to the quantity of being burdened out. You might also experience secure to realize which you are going through a scenario like maximum first time granite customers.

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Here are 5 beneficial hints that you can have now not heard of earlier than in an effort to make your granite selection smooth, strain free and additionally assist you get to the first-class feasible selection.


Tip Number 1
Your First Granite choice is maximum likely your fine choice.

You may have already visited several, if no longer all the granite locations in your town in pursuit of finding the granite that high-quality suits with your cabinets and kitchen décor.

You might have seen dozens of granite slabs in various shades and herbal patterns. During one among your visits you determined one particular granite that stuck your interest and also you concept ‘Wow this is what I need!”. It appeared to healthy very well along with your cupboard coloration, floor tile or even complimented your kitchen home equipment.

Added to that, the seemingly professional dressmaker who became helping you at that particular granite vicinity advocated the identical granite which you preferred the most.

But you had a worry like maximum of the granite buyers which you want to peer greater granite slabs before making your final selection with an idea that you may omit out on some thing even higher than what you have seen at the other location (the only granite you notion “Wow that is what I need!”).

You went on, seeing increasingly more granite hues in all of the granite yards in your region. Your confusion and frustration got even worse by way of now. In all of the places you visited, the same or comparable granite slab grabbed your attention. You usually went again to the identical color and went back to the original region you found the granite that impressed you most. You preferred it even greater at the moment.

It is going without pronouncing this is the granite that merits to enter your kitchen and that is the one you will maintain loving for a long time.


Tip Number 2

You may have seen several granite colorations that had been filled with lots of glittery Mica flakes interspersed with Golden and Copper coloured glittery crystals. You cherished all that glitter in the ones granite slabs.

But you understand which you are a hectic mother with college going kids. The kitchen isn’t a showpiece for you want some other home owners. You cook lots on your kitchen to meet the needs of your growing youngsters who love your food and ask for extra.

The granite that goes into your kitchen must be robust and forgiving to face up to the influences your playful youngsters will probably make on the granite countertops. It ought to be tough sufficient granite to forgive all of the spills that your splendid energetic kids are going to make.

The glittery granite which you appreciated may not by using your ideal preference.

A lot of times the natural stones which can be shining with glittering mica and gold spots might not even be granite stones in strict geological category. They are referred to as Schist kind of stones by Geologists, but the granite traders tend to apply the generic call of granite for all the ones stones for ease of sale. Not handiest are they much less forgiving and they’re splendid steeply-priced additionally.

These Schist stones are very brittle, prone to cracking and chipping. So if you are a mother of developing children and your kitchen is a hectic location with your playful youngsters, keep away from the glittery stones that are not real granites. Reputable granite fabricators tend to educate the customers about the drawback of the usage of Schist stones in real running kitchens.

They have their very own places to be mounted like fancy bar tops in the basements or to enhance the counters of an stylish workplace space which might be much less vulnerable to impacts.

The glittery granite that is not granite within the real experience, won’t be your best preference. You are higher off choosing hard and forgiving real granite slabs on your kitchen.

Tip Number 3

Falling within the Trap of A, B, C, and D… Grades of Granite.

When you visit the Big Box stores to buy your granite countertops the first issue you notice is granite being priced with A, B… to F grades of Granite.

You find that the A grade granite colours are much less costly and the rate is going higher and higher because the grade reaches to F. It is but natural that you assume the F grade granite (the maximum expensive consistent with Square foot established) is the high-quality nice granite and ‘A’ grade is the bottom satisfactory stone.

Please remember these A, B, C and so on. Grades are primarily based on pricing best, nothing but pricing handiest and not based on the actual morphological or useful quality of the granite sorts.

You may additionally marvel then why this grading is executed. By grading the granites with the A, B, C gadget, the large box domestic development shops have found an clean manner to promote the granite consistently throughout all their shops notion out the USA. It is also smooth for them to educate the income friends easily who are in any other case no longer granite professionals.

So do no longer suppose that the F grade granite that is bought at $95 dollars according to square foot on the Big Box store is any better in great than the A granite this is offered at $45.

The pricing is exactly based totally on the supply and demand of those granite colors. If the coloration and sample may be very appealing and it is not to be had in considerable portions, it tends to be highly-priced. A good instance is Saturnia. It is stunningly lovely to study, relatively much less forging in terms of strength and sturdiness.

On the other hand granite colorations like Tan Brown which can be observed in large areas of land and are quarried in India in which the labor prices are a good deal less, has a tendency to be less expensive. Another interesting function approximately this form of granite colours is that they are easy to extract from the earth because they may be strong and resist the quarrying system effortlessly. Because they are easy to be quarried, they are much less high priced.

So Higher Grade granite is not a synonym with higher fine granite. You might also pick lot of nicer Lower grade granite hues which might be much less highly-priced and more long lasting.

Tip Number 4
You would possibly have shocked by means of the beauty of complete granite slabs whilst you shopped for your kitchen granite countertops. You may have notion a number of the ones granite slabs are like portions of art.

The granite slab that has movement like a flowing river across and mix of veins flowing crisscross to give the slab an look like that of a beautiful portray.

You should remember the fact that your kitchen has L shaped or U shaped counter tops and the cupboard width is 24” from front to returned. The granite counter tops established in your shelves will be 25.5” wide, so what takes place to the river like waft throughout the lovely slab measures 10 toes by 6 toes that you noticed in the granite yard?

It is cut and fabricated into 25.Five” huge countertops to suit your shelves. The float is reduce into becoming portions, so the splendor of the big granite slab with a design of flowing rivers isn’t always what you acquire into your kitchen because it is reduce into fitting sizes that cover your shelves.

You did now not get what you saw as a full slab of granite. Kitchens with large center islands or large peninsulas are the best choice for this kind of granite slabs with a large glide.


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