Leggings good or bad?


When leggings have ridiculous futurist neon patterns and cityscapes on them, and you have no plan if you’ll be able to even pull that off. Do I look fashion-forward or do I simply seem like my butt is that the size of a whole city?
When your leggings ar suddenly sheer although you swear they weren’t before. Apparently, I even have to see four completely different lighting ideas before I leave the house to grasp if i am essentially carrying a try of invisible pants.


The artiodactyl toe opportunities ar endless. If that cloth will creep, it shall creep.

Digging through your drawer to search out the nice try. that handily look precisely the same because the fifty dangerous pairs.


Noticing you’ve got sweat marks beneath your butt that everybody will undoubtedly see. Oh, cotton leggings, you’re the king of butt-sweat visibility.

Some pairs ar crazy expensive and you’ve got no plan why. will these $90 ones be that far better than the $30 ones? At the top of the day, are not all leggings simply slightly thicker tights? return on.

If they don’t seem to be high-waisted, you’ve got a muffin-top state of affairs that may not quit. It extremely does not matter however skinny you’re or are not. If your leggings do not go up to your brassiere, you are going to possess a quick bread prime. It’s associate degree unwritten and unforgiving law.

When your adipose tissue somehow shows through the leggings. ar you kidding me? If i would wished to take care of this crap, I would’ve worn tights. Not showing adipose tissue is just like the whole purpose of you, leggings!

When your black ones ar grey currently. thus currently i am simply speculated to be the woman in grey leggings since my washer stripped my black ones of their terribly essence over the course of the last year? No, thank you.

When your favorite leggings get a rip on the within thigh and currently they’re dead. R.I.P. Good-bye, unnumbered pairs of leggings that hate that my thighs bit. I hardly knew ye (except that I all did as a result of I wore you such a lot that you simply got thigh holes).

Let’s be honest, they don’t seem to be extremely garments. they are garments within the sense that you simply will place them on your body and wear them to the pharmacy to select up milk, however they’re not garments within the sense that if you wore them bent drinks together with your friends, you’d pay the whole night asking if it absolutely was OK that you simply were come in leggings.

When they stretch out means too quickly and suddenly seem like unhappy pajamas. What once was associate degree impressive try of leggings that you simply might nearly, nearly wear to figure ar currently weirdly saggy sacks that hover around your legs and ankles.


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