Lips are straw colored, 7 natural ways


A beautiful woman’s lips are very beautiful, such as a beautiful reddish-lips, chestnut-like pouch, and apple lips. Besides walking in lipstick, we will be looking for ways to make your lips look more comfortable in the other ways. But the fate is the only one to be envious of seeing the good cousin. But there are ways in home to make the lips beautiful.

Do you know Beetroot is a natural lipstick? Buy the beetroot and cut it into small pieces and put it in the fridge. When it’s cold enough, take this piece and put it on your lips. This may not work while watching TV. This is good for the lips to increase the color and enhance the color.



Cucumber juice is the best solution for dark colored lips. After gaining the juice of cucumber, after grafting it on the lips, gently wipe with a moist cloth, it increases the color of the lips.

3 Almond oil is the best mouthpiece. Before you go to bed it is better to make the lips look good. This will help to keep the lips soft, pleasant, and colorful.

Take 4 lemon juice and honey in equal quantities. Lemon juice has the ability to change the skin and soften the honey. Combine them together and put on top with a moist cloth. It can be done twice a day

Try to use 5 branded materials in sensitive body parts, such as lips. Local objects sometimes have a potentially malfunctioning effect. The best thing is to eat homemade vegetables or fruits into a piping form and then wash off and dry. This is the best way of care protection.

Still still note that the organs of a healthy body will be healthy. So keep the body in a healthy way. Suffice to allow the body to never remove water. This affects the lips too. In such a situation, you should be careful to drink well, especially drinking water in summer.

7 Excessive exposure to sunlight has the likelihood of splitting the lips with heat. For this glycerine is good medicine. Before going to sleep at night, take glycerin in a cotton cloth and sprinkle it well in your lips. It protects the lips from drying.


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