Low Budget Contemporary Style Modern Double Floor Home Design and Plan


Ground Floor :
sit out
living room
dining hall
2 bedroom
1 attached bathroom
1 common bathroom

First Floor :
upper living
3 bedroom
2 attached bathroom
1 common bathroom


This is a luxurious contemporary style from Designer Sadiq, Malappuram. This house comprises of a total area of under 2000 square feet. All luxurious facilities are provided in this design. It includes 5 bedrooms and 3 attached bathrooms, small living area, family living area, dining hall, kitchen and work area. A semi partition given between formal living and dining room.


A beautiful facade is the depiction of the architect’s creative vision and desire to impress others with an out-of-the-ordinary appearance. This makes your first impression last longer with this beautiful, unique and appealing facades. Colonial type sloping roof gives more modern look. The estimated cost of this design is 30 lack. This under 2000 square feet house is well suited for 6 cent plot.

This double floor house simply meat to steal your breath away. It has been put together by such refined and elegant architecture that it makes it impossible look away. Not only the house, but also the plan is full of color. I won’t be surprised to hear that you’re interested in getting to know more information on this stunning house and its plan.


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