Aurangabad-based architect duo Pooja and Piyush Kapadia spent simply 8 days to erect the fundamental metal structure of their consumer Ashok Amritkar’s house in Aurangabad’s Bhagyanagar. Eight days, consider that! The next six months had been spent in the electric powered wiring, plumbing, and interior designing work.

The motive for the speed turned into Steel and Concrete Composite Structures in place of the historically-used Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) method.
Known for his or her out-of-the-field questioning, the architect couple have continually been keen o“Steel is nearly ad infinitum recyclable. Therefore nothing will pass waste — it will continually convey its personal fee. It is hearth-resistant, earthquake resistant and has a lesser effect on the environment whilst compared to the normal construction material,” says Piyush.
Piyush and Pooja are both graduates from the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad. A few years after graduation, in 2003, the couple established Pooja & Piyush Associates in Aurangabad. “We realised early that we need to stick to sustainable architecture and taking into climatic aspects whilst making plans homes,” says Pooja.
“While there is a plethora of reasons why we chose to paintings with metallic — a few that stand out include, India being the 0.33-largest producer and exporter of steel globally and that it’s miles brief to assemble, thereby decreasing production time,” says Piyush.N locating green and sustainable methods of production.


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“Our endeavour as architects has been to reduce using natural sources to the simple minimum,” says Piyush. Conventional structures use tremendous amounts of cement, aggregates, sand, water, and a small quantity of steel as nicely. Steel systems provide flexibility, big spans, precision in work and can be erected with minimal labour on

“In conventional RCC homes, 10 to fifteen in keeping with cent greater fabric is procured to house bad workmanship or horrific quality of materials and more assets and power receives utilised,” says Piyush.

Another benefit for customers looking to construct their domestic is the finances that they peg for these initiatives. “When the time taken for a venture drags on, the fee of the fabric also maintains growing. While while the project started if a bag of cement was costing Rs 250, by the point the challenge reaches final touch, it expenses nearly Rs 350 and that adds a massive financial stress on the purchaser,” he says.

Large commercial buildings world over were the usage of steel significantly for creation, in which the structural steel sheets are pre-fabricated in factories and brought to the website online for assembling. “With regard to the strength of the cloth [steel], there’s no question approximately its sturdiness,” says Piyush.

“But in RCC homes, the ratio of water to cement changes with every new batch that is mixed, and therefore because the uniformity in mixing ratio is not fixed, one cannot be confident of the power,” explains Piyush.


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