Adequate refuge for all and sundry is one of the urgent demanding situations faced by means of the growing countries. India is currently facing a shortage of about 17.6 million houses. The dream of owning a house mainly for low-income and center-earnings households is becoming a tough fact. Hence, it has come to be a need to undertake price effective, revolutionary and environment-friendly housing technology for the development of homes and buildings for allowing the not unusual people to construct houses at less expensive value. This paper compares construction cost for the conventional and coffee cost housing technologies. Case research in India are used for the investigation. Construction methods of foundation, walling, roofing and lintel are compared. Strength and durability of the shape, balance, protection and mental pride are elements that assume top precedence all through price discount. It is observed that approximately 26.11% and 22.Sixty eight% of the development price may be saved by using low fee housing technologies in comparison with the traditional construction methods in the case research for walling and roofing respectively. This proves that the usage of low fee housing technologies is a price effective production technique for the enterprise


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Low value housing refers to the ones housing units which might be lower priced by that section of society whose profits is under than median household profits. This depends on three key parameters—income level, length of residing unit and affordability. This paper aims to factor out the numerous components of predestined constructing methodologies via highlighting the exclusive to be had techniques, and the within your means benefits executed by means of its adoption. In a constructing the walls, flooring and roofs are the maximum essential sections, which can be analyzed distinctively primarily based on the desires, as a result, improving the rate of creation and decreasing the development fee. This paper also targets to cowl the usage of neighborhood materials within the special components of building to make them as low value available answers for low profits organizations. To personal a residence through middle and lower profits groups in modern monetary developments may be very hard. Therefore, it has now have become a need to undertake cost effective, progressive and surroundings-pleasant housing technology for the development of homes and buildings and availing them at low fee comparatively. In order to provide you with possible answers this paper compares the construction cost for the traditional and coffee cost housing technologies and it become observed that with using technology and reuse of waste fabric as building fabric the price of creation may be minimized to an quantity. It changed into found that with if the filler slab can be used as an opportunity to traditional slab the value of production can reduce upto 25%. With the time extra research are going to perceive the reuse of waste fabric like fly ash, rice husk, and so on as constructing cloth. After figuring out the genuine ability of these waste materials as building material in construction industry the value can be minimized to a greater extent. In addition the building up of cooperative to supply those opportunity uncooked materials as opposed to importing from elsewhere could assist in decreasing the cost via 20–30%.


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