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Low Cost House in Kerala with Plan & Photos – 991 sq ft


Searching for a house yet coming up short on a tight spending plan? At that point this house could be the ideal arrangement you’ve been searching for. The engineer has planned and arranged it so that you’ll wind up getting the best value for your money.

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The little region of 991 square feet can oblige an extensive washroom and 2 rooms. It has a wonderful rooftop that inclines and a thick fringe to go with it. Together they serve to increase the extravagance of this ease house.

You’ll likewise see the presence of two stone columns directly close to the primary passageway. They actually gleam close to the plain dividers and oversimplified plan of the general house.

Floor Plan

The arrangement starts with a pass on that will lead you towards the passageway. When you clear your path through it, the family room will be the primary spot to welcome you. It is both wonderful and extensive enough to oblige numerous individuals on the double.


The rooms are found right close to this parlor. Indeed, their entryways open up to the family room. The latrine is put inside closeness too. It has a different wash territory as well – making it an advantageous expansion to the lounge area.

The particular kitchen has a work territory that is nearly as extensive as the kitchen itself. The designer has guaranteed that it has direct admittance to the lounge area so serving every dinner would be an easy undertaking.

Kerala house plan particulars

Complete Area : 991 sq. ft.

Room : 2

Washroom : 1

Offices remembered for the arrangement

Sit Out



Room – 2

Basic latrine


Work Area


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