Main Uses Of Coconut Shells


Coconut flesh is delicious and nutritious. The coconut shell has uses too, and finding approaches to repurpose coconut shells you have got left over can show an green manner to create some things for around the house that help you out.

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Here is a listing of ideas for repurposing used entire (with top off) or half of coconut shells:
Container: Use the coconut shell to keep trinkets, treasures and small items in. Things to keep inner may encompass rubber bands, keys, toys, pens and pencils, twist ties, your stash of used plastic bags, and so forth.

Plant holder: Grow a small plant in the coconut shell. While 1/2 a coconut shell can paintings, having it reduce about three quarters of its top is normally the quality size for a coconut shell plant holder. Drill or pierce a few drainage holes inside the base of the shell first, and line with sphagnum moss.


Hanging plant holders are every other choice.
Bird feeder: Turn right into a placing bird feeder. Drill some holes at even areas around the pinnacle and thread via a few heavy cord or thin rope. Tie at the top with a hoop or similar to permit for hanging. Fill with birdseed and hold in an appropriate vicinity. Clean frequently.

An alternative is to fill the feeder with suet/fats and seed blend, the use of the shell as the mould and field for the mixture

Children’s crafts: Have the kids use their imagination to show coconut shell halves into heads, faces, toys, decorations or some thing else that takes their fancy.
Basket: As with the concept for the hen feeder, add heavy string or light rope to shape a hanging deal with. Use the coconut shell basket to hold things in, such as freshly cut herbs and vegetation, freshly laid eggs and seeds from your lawn.

Natural candle holder: If you like making your very own candles, use the coconut because the box into which you tip the wax. Keep the wick centered and it’ll be a splendid candle for many hours.
Bowl: As a bowl, the shell can keep some thing you want. A fun element to try is a bowl of nuts still in their shells; attempt macadamias, Brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts, as an instance. Keep a nutcracker close by to encourage snacking on healthy nuts.

Lampshade: If you’re properly with carving, you could carve a whole shell with neat holes in a quite sample. Add a globe and lamp base and you may have a fantastic lamp with many light styles sparkling from it.

Jewellery: Carve portions of the shell into necklaces, rings and different jewelry. Designs for barrettes and elastics can be carved for hair accessories.
Painting: If you have got good artist skills, paint an image at the coconut shell.
Coconut buttons: Carve buttons from the coconut shell fragments. Durable and quite

Things to have in mind of
Clean out the shell and let it dry earlier than the usage of. Flesh and/or fluid left inside the shell may rot and encourage mildew increase, relying at the quit use and site.
A break up shell may not be appropriate for the motive you’re intending. Be positive about the energy required before using a cut up shell.

Use suitable care while coping with hammers and sharp gear to control the shell.
Coconut shells are natural and could ruin down over (an extended) time, more so when uncovered to intense elements.


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