How to make a facial beauty-malayalam video


1 To remove the oily face, apply the mask made of banana, tomato, and other fruits. Put them on the face and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash off in cold water.

2) To remove osteoporosis from the face, put the green leafy on the milk, add lemon juice and apply on your face.


3, a good native phosphate packs: a teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon carrot juice, half a teaspoon of garlic juice, a potato cooked on a powder, two pinch of turmeric turmeric powder, half a halves before bathing.

4) To remove wrinkles on the face, add mustard seeds, lemon juice and lemon juice, move the milk and apply it on the face before applying it on your face. Only in days left on the go.

5) Add face to face, fenugreek, olive oil, and apply on your face and then wash it off for 10 minutes.

6 For oiled face, apply one cup of cucumber juice, half of lemon juice and apply on your face for two or three times a day.


7, pudding, curry leaves, cumin seeds and cumin seeds are added in boiling water, add lemon juice and sugar.

8 To clear the face wrinkles, rub face a little almond oil every day.

9) To keep the face shine on your face, regularly wipe it off with the cleansing cream on your face.

10 To make face oil without rubbing, mix thoroughly with a mixture of boiled oatmeal and apply well on your face, once a week.

11, rub the babe oil to soften the face, slide it off. Then regularly wash your glycerin soap.

12th To prevent brown buds on the face with most of the sun, apply lemon juice on the larynx before sleeping at night.

13, Put the zamna to the face sheet, boil the water, cool the juice and wash the face with lemon juice.

14 To prevent face damage by sunlight, add a little grapes and lemon juice on your face and sleep at night.

15. Apply the fatty portion of the aloe vera on your face.