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Basic eggless sponge mugcake (no-oven)
Ingredients: ( for #1 – basic eggless sponge mugcake / cupcake )


half of cup – yogurt ( curd ) ( use thick complete-fats yogurt / curd )
half cup – sugar
1/4 cup – milk
3/four tsp – baking powder
1/2 cup or one hundred gms – butter (unsalted or baking butter )
1 cup or 250 gms – all cause flour ( maida / simple flour )
half of tsp – vanilla essence ( or 1/ four tsp vanilla bean paste )
Use this simple cake batter for all five cake recipes


Step 1) Get geared up with all the components ..
Step 2) Grease the mugs or cups with melted butter ..
( use microwave safe / oven safe or metallic mugs & cups )
Step three) Into a bowl, upload half cup melted butter, half of cup sugar and whisk for 30 seconds into a creamy batter..

Step 4) Add 1/2 cup yogurt (curd) and whisk for 30 seconds until creamy ..
Step five) Add half of tsp vanilla essence and whisk for 10 seconds ..
Step 6) Into a sifter, add 1 cup flour, 3/4 tsp baking powder and sift in ( 2 batches ) into the batter bowl .. And genlty mix in the use of the whisk (like folding motion) or fold the use of a flat spatula..
Step 7) Pour a tbsp of milk at a time and gently fold into a easy batter ..
Step eight) Using a flat spatula fold the batter ( 5 – 6 times ) ..
Step nine) Fill 1/2 of greased mugs or cups with batter ..


Step 10) This step is for cooking the mugcakes:
Into a stress cooker or heavy deep-pan, add 1 cup salt or sand and unfold calmly ..
Place a stand within the cooker ..
Remove rubber gasket from pressure cooker lid (you could additionally use a metallic lid)
Cover with the lid
Heat on high for four minutes
area a metal plate (or dhokla pan or cake pan) at the stand
arrange the mugcakes on the pan
cover with the lid ( If the use of stress cooker lid, no-gasket & no-whistle/weight)
prepare dinner on high warmness for 3 minutes
After 3 minutes, reduce the heat to medium and cook for 20 – 25 minutes ( or when a toothpick inserted comes out easy) ..

Check after 20 mins by way of poking a toothpick within the centre of the cake.. If it appears clean (without any sticky batter, it’s equipped) .. (if no longer ready but, cook dinner for 2 or three greater minutes, take a look at again and remove the mugcakes)
Once the mugcakes are ready, remove them from the pan.
Eat from the mug or take out ( by using walking a knife round the rims of the cake and flip )..
Soft spongy eggless mugcakes prepared ! .. Revel in .

Chocolate chip ( katori / steel-cupcakes ) (no-oven)

Ingredients: ( for #2 – eggless chocolate chip katori / steel-cupcakes)

simple sponge cake batter ( made in recipe #1 )
half of cup – chocolate chips


Step 1) For this cake recipe, you may need the basic sponge cake batter (made in recipe #1 ) and chocolate chips
Step 2) Grease the katori (small metal bowls) with melted butter.. ( you can also use mugs )
Step three) Fill half of the katori (bowls) with cake batter..

Step four) Sprinkle a few chocolate chips on pinnacle ..

Step five) This step is for cooking the mugcakes:

Into a pressure cooker or heavy deep-pan, upload 1 cup salt or sand and unfold calmly ..
Place a stand in the cooker ..
Remove rubber gasket from stress cooker lid (you can additionally use a steel lid)
Cover with the lid
Heat on excessive for 4 mins
Step 6) Place the cake pan into the stress cooker. Cover with the lid and heat on excessive for 3 minutes .

Step 7) After three mins, reduce to medium and cook dinner for 20 mins ( or till cooked )..

Check after 20 minutes with a toothpick .. If it comes out easy, cake is ready ..

Takeout and eliminate the katori / metallic-cupcakes from the pan ..
Devour from the katori or run a knife alongside the edges and flip to remove them
chocolate chip metallic-cupcakes geared up !.. Enjoy.


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