My Hair Grow Over 3 Inches Using Vicks VapoRub On My Sclap


Once I heard that women had been using Vicks VapoRub to stimulate hair growth, I just needed to test it out myself. I had to see what the entire hype was about and if you might rather get superb development after applying it to your scalp.

Nowadays, my hair has been hidden beneath a head full of crochet hair. I’ve had my hair in a crochet style considering that August and plan on retaining it that approach unless I see fit. Nevertheless, earlier than my latest set up, I decided to use the popular version of Vicks VapoRub (Walmart’s Equate version) to my scalp and hair line. After I let my hair air dry and picked it out, I applied the ointment. The minute it touched my scalp, I felt the anticipated cooling sensation. My scalp felt as if it used to be getting further air (if that makes sense), as if a groovy ocean breeze used to be walking by way of my hair. I adored the sensation and that i would tell that my pores were large open. I mostly must have carried out a patch experiment first, but even after slumbering with ointment on my scalp overnight, I had no poor reactions.


Once my new crochet style was put in, i noticed that my scalp felt a lot much less itchy. I probably have an itchy scalp for just a few days after I get any form of protecting form, however no longer this time. My scalp truly felt robust and didn’t odor of Vicks. I do know this for a truth due to the fact that I asked my stylist if she smelled anything robust on my hair and he or she said no. Because of this the smell need to have dissipated in a single day.

Practically a week and a half after making use of the ointment, i spotted that my scalp used to be somewhat dirty. My scalp was once getting dirty quite a bit sooner than it could have if I didn’t use the Vicks. I invariably used coconut oil or additional virgin olive oil on my scalp each few days, however that wasn’t what should be blamed for my scalp feel dirty. The one difference in my pursuits used to be the ointment. It wasn’t terrible, but I definitely observed. I wasn’t too surprised that my scalp was once dirty when you consider that Vicks has petroleum in it, which in my expertise, attracts unwanted filth and particles. After realizing this, I wanted to wash my scalp, however I didn’t on the grounds that I still wanted to peer if Vicks VapoRub promotes hair growth. If I washed my hair, the water would naturally expose my new development by means of swelling my hair and i didn’t need that.


After three weeks, i spotted that my new growth looked to be rather a lot thicker than what I was once used to at that stage. It looked like my crochet sort had been in for 6 weeks, now not three weeks. I fairly wasn’t anticipating the sort of drastic change, however there used to be no denying it. My cornrows were tremendous noticeable and the crochet hair seemed pushed back.

Overall, it was once interesting to truly see real results from my experiment. I concept the women who reviewed the product have been either exaggerating or undeniable ancient mendacity. Nonetheless, I was once pleasantly surprised to find out that they had been telling the truth. Vicks VapoRub can aid promote hair development ya’ll. I’m no longer sure if i’d have had the same outcome if my hair used to be loose, but it surely undoubtedly used to be a sight to see with my protective type.

Would I are attempting it again? On the whole no longer. I didn’t like the fact that my scalp looked as if it would entice grime. I also realized that if I wish to extend my hair growth ride, then it’s regularly satisfactory to just mix up a batch of the energetic components which are in Vicks VapoRub and make contact with it a day. I’m certain i will get the equal results with a concoction that’s a lot more average. Take a look at this recipe that I discovered under!

DIY: Vicks VapoRub Recipe

12 drops of eucalyptus, rosemary or peppermint
12 drops of lavender or tea tree
12 drops of fir needle, spruce or pine
2 tablespoons of shea butter
In a double boiler (or a stainless steel bowl set in facet a pot of boiling water), gently melt shea butter. As quickly as it is absolutely melted, put off it from heat and stir within the fundamental oils. Switch the blend to a container with a good fitting lid and retailer in a fab field when now not in use.

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