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My Simple Kitchen Arrangements


Pull it Out and Purge
To start, it’s important to literally see every item in your kitchen and start from a blank slate. So pull it all out and assess the damage!

Think about each item: is it necessary? Does it work? Do I love it?

This step can be really hard but consider the goals – to have a functional space, to have as clear a counter as possible, and to actually enjoy being in the kitchen. Once you’ve gone through your items, you should have a keep section, a toss section and a donate section.


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Do a Deep Clean

Since you have everything out of your cupboards and drawers, this is the ideal opportunity to give everything a decent wipe down. You’d be shocked how extraordinary that will feel, particularly when you go to take care of everything back.

Characterize Your Zones


Before you begin to return anything, evaluate your whole kitchen and gathering cupboards and drawers into zones. The simplest method to do this is to have a notebook and pen and record it, incorporating which things have a place where zones. Here’s a case of what that would resemble:

Zone 1: Everyday (most effortless to get to, near dishwasher if conceivable)

plates, bowls, fundamental china, cups, serveware, cutlery

Zone 2: Cooking (find near broiler or range)

pots, skillet, dishes, cutting sheets, spatulas, wooden spoons, estimating cups/spoons, blending bowls, some other heating things, and so on.

Zone 3: Pantry

dry products, flavors, bigger kitchen contraptions, and so forth.

Zone 4: Accessories and Storage (close to ice chest if conceivable)

tupperware, food stockpiling, food wrap, ziploc sacks, tin foil, to go things, and so on.

Zone 5: Coffee and Bar

espresso cups, units, espresso extras, espresso pot or keurig, barware, for example, wine glasses, shot glasses, other crystal, bar embellishments, and so on.

Zone 6: Under the Sink

cleaning supplies, additional hand cleanser, trash containers, reusing and so on.

The seventh zone could be your exceptional things, as serveware that you commonly possibly use when facilitating or extraordinary ceramics/tokens. Our recommendation however is attempt and keep things you possibly truly use and on the off chance that rarely do, at that point maybe putting away in another region of the house like the lounge area or carport would serve you better.

Similar guidelines apply to your refrigerator – bunch things together and decide the best format for your racking inside!


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