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Nalukettu – Encompassing tradition of Kerala


What comes to mind when you consider Nalukettu? Does an image of a traditional mansion with centre courtyard comes to your mind? Or is it the photo of a joint own family playing the day inside the traditional house? Or the basil plant inside the centre courtyard that fills your thoughts?

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A Nalukettu is the symbol of structure brillance of Kerala. The shape is made by using considering the principle and norms of Thachu Sasthra and Vasthu Sasthra ( the technological know-how of carpentry and architecture). Nalukettu method 4 blocks and it has four blocks going through every of the 4 instructions. Each of these blocks is named relying at the direction they may be facing – like vadakkini, padinjattini, kizhakkini and thekkini for blocks facing the directions west, east and south respectively.

The presence of the significant open courtyard, padipura, the slanting roof, these kind of gives the shape a completely unique feeling. The house like some other has kitchen, veranda, bedrooms, granaries, dining corridor, pooja room, utilities, livestock shed and nicely. The structure is properly suitable to residence big households like the machine of the joint circle of relatives accompanied at some point of those times. It may want to have a couple of storeys relying on how huge and well off the family is. Sometimes the nalukettu is extended to shape ettukettu or pathinaarukettu if the family is of extremely good importance and energy.

What makes nalukettu clearly specific is it’s planning. It is a shape that combines architecture with astronomy and science. The production of the house is based on diverse ratios and proportions. The placement of home windows and doorways, and rooms all are well planned. The mansion is constantly nicely aerated and has excellent ventilation. The nadumuttam or centre courtyard can once in a while have a basil plant at its centre. The courtyard helps to hold the cool and nicely environment throughout the residence. The shape is made from bricks and stones and there is full-size work of carpentry. Usually, the truck of the large jackfruit tree or teak is used.

The nalukettu diminished into oblivion particularly because of the exchange in circle of relatives structure. With the families turning into nuclear, it became tough to hold the sort of big residence. But slowly it is coming again for the reason that shape offers a experience of homely feeling.


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