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I do not forget my Grandmother; to me she was and still is the maximum beautiful girl in the global. I recollect her ever-crisp, smartly folded cotton saris that she kept in her trunk. Her woolen scarf that held the most soothing fragrances of my youth, her unique soaps which were ‘home-made’ and trust me, they smelled heavenly. I interviewed her for my journal and located she become around ninety years of age. Her hair changed into nonetheless ‘jet-black’ and she or he never had to cowl grey hair . It never passed off to me to ask her secrets to her nonetheless-black hair, I wager it had been the ones chunks of ‘mysterious soaps’ that she kept tucked-away in between her clothes.


With the age of advanced hair-remedies a ‘thing’ of today, nearly no-one has ‘virginal’ black-hair anymore. However, in case you jog-down the memory-lane, you’ll comprehend that a few very antique human beings had very black head of hair. The secret of having natural black hair is held in nature and herbal home-based products without any side consequences. Here, I even have jotted-down a number of those potential natural answers that would help you in maintaining the blackness of your hair. Thick black hair is an indication of beauty and young people. We can get obviously thick hair with domestic substances present in our kitchen.

How to make hair black clearly?
1. Mulethi and Ghee
This is greater like a natural ‘deep-conditioning’ treatment that might work wonders for dry and frizzy hair. Mulethi makes the hair black, thick, vibrant and sparkling. To make the hair-masks you may need:

1kg Ghee (preferably home-made)
1litre Amla juice/extract
200gm of Mulethi
Mix all of the substances collectively and allow to warmness in low flame. After the water-content of the combination has evaporated completely, pour the ultimate concoction in a easy-glass box and permit to chill. Apply this ‘color-rejuvenating’ hair mask just before you bathe and you will be amazed with the black shade performing lower back again in your hair. Its a outstanding way to make your hair jet black as opposed to the hair dyes to be had in the market.

2. Amla

We have heard about the wonders of Amla over and over and this little fruit manages to surprise us every single time with its benefits. A not unusual commodity in an Indian residence-maintain, Amla has incredible benefits of maintaining the ‘blackness’ of your hair. You will want:


½ liter easy water
2 tbs of natural Amla powder
1-2 lemon juice/extract
All you want to do is, combination-well the above noted ingredients and shop it in a clean container. This natural shampoo is a great natural answer which can be used to clean your hair so that you can hold the ones long, black locks of hair.

3. Mango Stones
This sounds new (at the least to me). Mainly, the oil of Mango stones is thought to magically turn gray-white hair black once more. Better nonetheless, in case you start using Mango stone oil earlier than you climb into the age-ladder, you would possibly in no way see yourself graying ever! Now that sounds exact, if you wish to be known as a ‘yummy-mummy’ or ‘yummy-granny’!

4. Mango
Summertime in India is all approximately Mangoes. Mango liquids, Mango milkshakes, Mango pickles and Mango chutneys and everything simply is going Mango! Now, on your hair, you could take hold of a few uncooked Mangos and work-out the age-defying magic to get black hair.. For this Hair-p.C., you’ll need:

1-2 uncooked Mangos
A bunch of clean Mango leaves
Hair oil
Mix all of the ingredients collectively and mash them into a satisfactory pulp to shape a paste by slowly including your favourite hair oil. Now area this paste in a container under the solar for multiple hours. Apply this as a hair p.C. Simply earlier than you bathe to create thick and black hair.

5. Coconut Oil with Lemons
This is one of the maximum ancient and depended on natural domestic treatments to treat the hassle of gray hair and develop a pleasing head of thick, black hair. The system is a simple one:

½ cup pure coconut oil
½ Lemon juice/extract
Heat the coconut oil over low flame till it is brimming and warm. Now squeeze inside the Lemon in to it and mix nicely. That is about it. You have your solution ready and you may apply it as soon as it cools down. Massage your hair and scalp luxuriously with this solution all the way from roots to tip, while it’s miles still lukewarm. This manner the answer will seep-in in your pores and hair-follicles, providing you with nourishment within the high-quality feasible way treating your gray hair evidently. If accompanied on a normal basis, you’ll soon be growing back your black hair very quickly.

6. Onion Hair Pack
This is one of the most simple and smooth-breezy technique you can whip-up in almost no time. While you are inside the kitchen and getting ready a gravy-base Indian style, make sure to stock-away a small jar of fresh Onion paste to live away from gray hair.. When you’re geared up, observe the Onion paste luxuriously all over your hair and head and cowl it with a bath-cap.

Leave the percent on for approximately 30 minutes (if you may stand the scent of Onions) and wash generally. Follow this regime as a minimum thrice a week for satisfactory outcomes. You can be surprised with the results, as your hair will soon restore the dark-color it once had. Visible difference on your hair can be visible in a month.

7. Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves
This is simple two-factor concoction you may prepare in just a few mins. I recollect a South-Indian (they have the most excellent hair) friend of mine who could comply with this beauty regime religiously. And boy! Did she have lovely hair or what! Just earlier than your daily tub-ritual, warmness a few pure coconut oil in a smooth vessel over low flame, cautious no longer to burn it altogether. Add approximately five-eight curry leaves while the oil is heating-up.

After some time, get rid of the answer from the flame once the leaves allow-out their aroma. Strain-out the oil, setting apart it from the leaves and let cool. Massage it throughout your hair and shampoo as normal. Quite effective in bringing back colour of your hair returned.

8. Carrots
This is greater of an inner herbal home remedy than a topical one. All you want to do is, grind a few carrots and stress the juice. Drink this juice first component within the morning each day for best outcomes. People who comply with this specific nature-restore own a incredible head of thick, black hair.

9. Hibiscus Flower
Have you visible one of those catalogues of high-priced Spa’s that provide the quality of beauty remedies? Ever observed Hibiscus flora tucked into the hair of both the masseur or the (fortunate) client, who’s laying on her stomach in a glad sleep. Well, the flowers aren’t to make the catalogue appearance lovely, but have greater large motive. Hibiscus is a relied on herbal remedy for darkish hair. For this you want:

1-2 Hibiscus Flowers
Hair oil
Boil-in easy Hibiscus flora along with your favorite hair-oil. After you have allowed the oil with vegetation to boil sufficiently for about 10-15 minutes in low flame, pressure the concoction. Allow it to cool and rub down your head luxuriously with it. Do this as often as you could just earlier than you shower and you will in no way grow a single gray-hair to your existence.

10. Watch What You Eat
Like constantly, what you devour immediately affects how you seem. Your inner true fitness suggests via your skin and hair (and the whole lot else apparent). You need to make a everyday weight loss plan of Vitamin B wealthy foods like Blueberries that help in Melanin production. Nuts like Almonds must be taken on a every day foundation to preserve each health and herbal colour of your hair. Include good quantities of sea-meals like Salmon and Tuna in in your food regimen, as those are rich in Omega-three fatty acids and Proteins.

Well women, now you see splendor may be wee-little bit of a practise as well. As we are inside the age of the whole lot both coming out of a tube or a bottle, getting our manner into our kitchen to prepare our splendor-fixes can be new to us. However, even as sitting at a Salon and having our hair artificially coloured by means of a expert might be the decision of the day; it in no way is a everlasting solution (until you have hundreds of thousands to spend). The key to the effectiveness of natural treatments lies in its regular usage. Now, I bet it’s time to play ‘wizard’ and ‘stir-out’ your magic potion within the kitchen.


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