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North Facing House Vastu Plan


North Facing Vastu House Plan: This is the North dealing with residence vastu plan. In this plan, you can examine the beginning of Gate, there is a moderate white patch become proven within the half a part of the gate. This may be the exactly opposite to the main front of the residence. This becomes “gate in Gate” alternative of the primary front gate.

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You can also locate a lot of such “gate in gate choice” in many homes in our locality. Due to this no need to put in new some other gate for the walkers or transferring outdoor by way of motor bike or scooter and so on. When residents requires to head out of doors then they may use this “Gate in Gate” option gate to enter inside or going out of doors.

Actually this is three bedroom three BHK residence plan, in this plan we proven one outside bedroom which may be beneficial for the “Home Office” or “watchman room” or a specific room which can be useful for the residents, if there’s no necessities, then citizens may also be a part of this room to the main residence.


Further we shown one outside rest room that’s most useful for the public application who are getting to the residents or vehicle drivers may also use this toilet or watchman might also use this external lavatory or if citizens who are attended for the cremation works they will use this bathroom (bathroom vastu) to have urgent bath at this external bathroom.

Children bedroom become also proven in the foremost residence. One wash vicinity is likewise in reality marked, this is very useful for the inhabitants. Huge measured master bedroom became additionally marked at Southwest (Southwest going through residence remedies) location.

Please notice that honestly we marked measurements on this plan, because of a few citizens common phone calls on asking approximately in addition measurements to the stove platform and different things, we eliminated the complete measurements, you can also examine the eliminated mark of the measurements in this picture. “U” form platform was also visible inside the kitchen, in the Kitchen (kitchen vastu) the Fridge area also observed.

Balcony was additionally marked at Northeast area of the house plan.

In this Balcony the bore turned into also marked, certainly this bore point went to the East (East dealing with residence vastu remedies) part of the house, but right here it become shown in below of the balcony, as a few frame might not be involved to have the water sump below at balcony, when you have provision to have the bore well out of this balcony then please set up as you wish.

Hope you could found the Northeast extension (Vastu for Northeast going through residence) within the house plan. This is auspicious.

ST manner septic tank which changed into visible at North of the entire house which may be very close to to the compound wall.

Hope you loved this plan, if you have any necessities let us recognise we’re equipped to post them right here.


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