Plain Churidar can bead work at a lower cost.


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Churidars are among the maximum common clothes for the girls of India. They are appropriate for all ages — from kids to grandmas. They are famous due to the fact they are easy to wear.

Personally, they are considered one of my preferred forms of clothes. Churidars are available a huge variety. They’re also closely associated with the conventional sari.


The churidar is to be had in markets, both in geared up-made form as well as simply the cloth with ready-to-sew supplies. Since the in shape obviously topics to us, maximum pick ones which can be stitched by means of a tailor.

However, while a heavy outfit is needed, maximum prefer geared up-made or prepared-to-stitch ones. These clothes include some components already stitched, and can be formed to match after they’re purchased.

Nowadays, their popularity has improved so much that there are tailoring stores in every nook and cranny of the city. Because of the excessive demand, it regularly takes over a week to get one stitched.

The rates also vary with the aid of location. For example, in Kerala itself, towards Kottayam and Changanacherry, I’ve experienced an affordable fee of eighty-a hundred rupees according to stitch.

However, in Trivandrum, the minimum rate turned into a hundred and eighty, which goes up with extra functions (as an instance, a piping inside the sleeve or a design on pinnacle, and so on).

Because of this, I notion I’d attempt it myself. Read directly to learn my method.


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