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Porotherm Bricks – An Earth-Friendly Choice For Your Home


Brick is one of the fine alternatives in case you need to live “GREEN” and make green choices. Well, using red dust bricks has been a in no way-finishing practice in Indian production, but this exquisitely familiar constructing material isn’t taken into consideration surroundings-friendly as the treasured topsoil is used in their manufacturing. But alternate is impending, these days environmental friendly construction substances are being step by step utilized in big apartments and unbiased housings. Yes, builders and house owners are looking forward to selecting earth-friendly choices for their houses and one of the quality products of building materials in that context is – Porotherm Bricks.

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Porotherm Bricks – The Sustainable Building Material

Porotherm Hollow Bricks are the megastar made of Wienerberger, India. It is a technologically progressive clever clay brick designed for all constructing setups. This modern product has been designed after carefully preserving in thoughts the converting climatic conditions, preserving homes evidently cool and relaxed at some point of the 12 months for generations. Porotherm bricks are surroundings-pleasant, price-powerful and clean to address. It isn’t only a brick however a Smart Clay Brick!

Green is good and whilst constructing your private home, deciding on Porotherm is a outstanding green choice. With lengthy-lifecycle, many recycling picks and minimum wastage, Porotherm Clay Bricks are truely one of the greenest choices you can make.

Porotherm Hollow Bricks & Their Green Advantage


Unlimited existence

Porotherm Bricks method sturdiness which is inexperienced. The expected lifespan of bricks is roughly one hundred years or extra, so when you construct with Porotherm, it stays constructed for all time, and that indeed is a very GREEN idea.

Natural & Green

Porotherm Bricks are approximately getting as herbal as you could. The clay used for production is sourced from de-silting of useless water tanks and handiest herbal additives like coal ash, rice husk and saw dust is used. This means those bricks aren’t handiest herbal however also sustainable. In view of all of its benefits i.E. Splendor, durability, electricity, and energy efficiency; choosing Porotherm for your new residence is a certainly herbal and GREEN preference.


Brick, as we realize, is a completely Recyclable material. Which method antique bricks in a good country can be reused in building new homes and overwhelmed ones may be used to provide herbal mulch or pave streets. Also, if the bricks become in a landfill, no special remedy is wanted and there may be no worry of pollution.

Energy Efficient

Bricks are known to take in the warmth and keep your own home cooler all through summers. And inside the iciness, it traps the internal warmness longer to provide warmth and that’s GREEN. Porotherm Bricks gives 45% better thermal insulation than different walling materials, which means that direct savings in strength consumption. Porotherm Brick help in decreasing your carbon footprint and your electricity invoice.

Maximum Fire Protection

Porotherm stands up to fireplace a long way higher than any other building cloth. Porotherm HP is certainly hearth-resistant as it’s far fired at a thousand levels and has a fire score of F240 for 240 mins for HP 200.

Less Maintenance

Porotherm bricks are certainly sturdy; they offer outstandingly long lifestyles with Zero maintenance, maintaining their great for generations

Green Accreditations

Porotherm is indexed via IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) inside the ‘Green Product Category’ beneath electricity-efficient product, fabric with recycled content material & use of regional cloth. It is likewise rated through GRIHA, Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment.


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