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Preparation & Benefits of pazhankanji


Preparation & Benefits of pazhankanji


Pazhankanji may be a ancient Kerala breakfast formula. Rice that is hard-boiled within the afternoon is soaked totally in water associate degreed hold on in an material clay pot. This lined pot with soaked rice is left long at regular temperature. The rice would ferment by successive morning. historically, this soured rice it’s devoured as breakfast with a dish, raw onion or inexperienced chili. Some like better to drain excess water and eat it with food and a small sprinkle of salt.


Pazhankanji health benefits:
Pazhankanji has rare B6 & B12 vitamins, that don’t seem to be simply on the market in different food supplements.

This is the richest supply of B-complex vitamin.
Consuming this rice helps faster digestion and wards off ageing, bone-related ailments and muscular pains.
The carboxylic acid bacterium break down the associate degreeti-nutritional factors in rice leading to an improved bioavailability of micro-nutrients and minerals like iron, metallic element and metal by many thousand share points.
Fermented rice provide energy, the nutrition and therefore the cooling result that required for a full day of manual labor.Brown rice is that the best for this as its nutrients square measure maintained intact.
This rice generates and harbors trillions of useful bacterium that facilitate digestion and has several malady fighting and immunity developing agents. The bacterium that grow within the intestines thanks to this rice safeguard the interior organs and keep them work and prepared.
American Nutrition Association has listed the subsequent advantages if you follow the observe of intense such soaked rice.
Consuming this rice as breakfast keeps the body lightweight and additionally energetic.
Beneficial bacterium get made in abundance for the body.
Stomach sicknesses disappears once this is often consumed within the morning as excessive and harmful heat maintained within the body is neutralized.
Blood pressure is normalized and cardiovascular disease subsides appreciably.
This removes allergic reaction induced issues and additionally skin-related ailments.
It removes every kind of ulcers within the body.
Fresh infections square measure unbroken treed thanks to intense this rice.
It helps in maintaining vernal and beamy look.
Consuming this takes away your body’s yearning for tea or low. this is often the richest supply of B-complex vitamin for vegans. So, don’t throw away that additional rice you had hard-boiled. It may well be the healthiest breakfast you may ever have.


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