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On a warm, sunny day, the temperature at the surface of a conventional black roof may be extra than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 stages Celsius) warmer than the encompassing air temperature [source: Department of Energy ]. When you imagine that sweltering rooftop next to some other, and another, and any other, it’s no wonder that the air in a big city with block after block of darkish, warmness absorbing rooftops can frequently be 6 to eight Fahrenheit tiers hotter than surrounding regions [source: Heat Island Group].

Even in rural and suburban neighborhoods, the warmth absorbed through a traditional roof on a sunny day increases temperatures inside the house, contributing to higher air con necessities, better strength charges, and more soreness on warm days for every person without air con. Fortunately, the remedy for all this greater heat is extraordinarily low-tech, low-value, and increasingly more smooth to locate: it’s known as a fab roof.

A cool roof is a roof designed to preserve a lower floor temperature in vivid sunshine than a traditional roof [source: Department of Energy]. The surface of a fab roof reflects greater daylight and releases greater warmness than a so-referred to as warm or darkish roof. While the term “cool roof” is on occasion used to describe any roofing floor this is cooler than a preferred rooftop, green certification packages including LEED, Energy Star, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Department of Energy Building Technology Program base their respective cool-roof credentials on a roofing cloth’s capability to reflect the solar (sun reflectance) and release absorbed heat (emissivity). The better the sun reflectance and emissivity (on a scale from 0 to one), the cooler the roof.Ready to keep cash, preserve strength, and cool the planet with the aid of turning your vintage, warm roof into a groovy roof? Read directly to find out 10 methods to cool your roof.


Go with a single ply membrane Another kind of cool roofing cloth used for low-sloping roofs is a unmarried ply membrane. Single ply membranes are pre-fabricated plastic or vinyl sheets containing solar reflective coatings or substances. The sheets are rolled onto the roof deck, then attached to the shape with some mixture of chemical adhesives, mechanical fasteners, or ballast such as gravel or pavers. Single ply membranes don’t require any additional coatings or surfacing — the cool roof residences are integrated within the product itself.

There are numerous varieties of single ply membrane, however a number of the most not unusual include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). Not all single-ply membranes are cool roof merchandise, however the average value of cool roof unmarried-ply membrane is handiest barely better than the fee of conventional single-ply membrane – about $1.50 – $three in keeping with square foot for cool roof materials versus round $1 to $2 in line with rectangular foot for preferred unmarried ply merchandise.

Build it up Built-up roofing ( BUR) is the term for the old standard tar and gravel roof. Because it is inexpensive, easy to apply, and clean to restore, it is many of the maximum typically used roofing systems for flat and coffee-sloped roofs. Built-up roofing includes layering a base sheet of asphalt or bitumen with cloth, followed via a protecting layer of gravel, mineral granules, or some sort of aggregate rock.

Traditionally, the asphalt and surface gravel in a constructed-up roof had been black or darkish grey, trapping much extra light and heat than they release, however there are several approaches to make a constructed-up roof cool. One is to update the surface layer with white gravel or reflective marble chips to boom its solar reflectance. Another is to use some thing called a mineral surfaced cap sheet, which includes reflective granules or a reflective coating into the roofing fabric itself. Finally, unique coatings or pigments can every now and then be delivered to an current asphalt surface to transform a fashionable roof to a groovy roof.

Add a coat of cool Cool roof coatings are nice applied to low-sloped roofs in appropriate condition [source: Environmental Protection Agency]. They are divided into classes: cementitious coatings, which comprise concrete or ceramic debris, and elastomeric coatings, which comprise brought polymers that lead them to less brittle and greater adhesive to constructing surfaces.

Both cementitious and elastomeric coatings enhance the sun reflectance of the roof floor. The number one distinction is that elastomeric coatings act as a watertight membrane, even as cementitious coatings ought to be applied over roofing materials that have already been very well waterproofed [source: Environmental Protection Agency].

Select the correct shingle For the steep-sloped roofs located on maximum U.S. Homes, wellknown fiberglass asphalt shingles can be replaced with cool asphalt shingles containing especially lined reflective granules to assist them better mirror sunlight. Shingles crafted from wooden, polymer, and metallic can also be lined to improve their sun reflectance [source: Department of Energy].

Shingles are usually not as reflective as any of the cool roof alternatives available for low-sloping roofs, but their acquainted appearance and conventional style lead them to a popular desire for residential production. A cool shingle with white granules prices about the same as one with the vintage, wellknown dark asphalt granules, whilst a shingle with its in particular lined granules coloured to fit the preferred colour of the roof can value from about 35 to75 cents more per square foot [source: Department of Energy].


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