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Go inexperienced (actually!) – While a rooftop lawn is not technically a “cool roof,” it achieves a number of the equal benefits as certified cool roof merchandise and reduces stormwater runoff in addition.
A inexperienced roof, or rooftop lawn, is a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop [source: Environmental Protection Agency]. Green roofs colour the buildings below from direct sunlight and reduce both floor temperatures and surrounding air temperatures via evaporation and transpiration, the process by using which vegetation cast off moisture from the soil and emit it thru their leaves. In truth, rooftop gardens are so powerful that the floor of a inexperienced rooftop can truly be cooler than the ambient air temperature [source: Environmental Protection Agency].

With installation fees starting from $10 to $25 according to square foot, inexperienced roofs are more expensive than different cool roof alternatives, however it is hard to place a charge at the progressed best of life they can provide for building occupants, particularly in city settings where a rooftop garden may be the simplest patch of green as some distance as the eye can see.


Pick a tile, (almost) any tile – While they aren’t as widely used as shingles, each conventional and “cool coloured” tiles can be right picks for cooling a steep-sloped roof. Some traditional tiles have naturally reflective residences, depending on their coloration and the sort of the clay they contain.
Tiles have started to see a moderate increase in recognition thanks in part to newer synthetic tiles containing “cool colored” pigments. Developed via a partnership among the California Energy Commission, countrywide research laboratories, and roofing manufacturers, those tiles are produced in earth toned hues which includes brown, inexperienced, and terra cotta, and lots of qualify as Energy Star materials for steep-sloped roofs. The cost of those “cool coloured” tiles is comparable to the value of traditional roofing tiles [source: Environmental Protection Agency


Make it metallic – Unpainted metallic roofs are certainly reflective (excessive solar reflectance), but they generally tend to preserve warmness in (low emissivity), so they’re generally a better desire for steep roofs than for flat or low-sloping roofs, which acquire extra daylight at some point of the path of a day. A manufacturing unit-applied cool roof coating can improve the warmth freeing properties of a metal roof, enough in order that some covered metal roofs are able to qualify as cool roofs.A preferred unpainted metallic roof can be a cost-effective solution for a few steep-sloped packages, in view that it’s miles already reflective and requires no extra technologies or materials to obtain cool roof repute. Factory-applied white paint will increase the value with the aid of approximately 20 cents per rectangular foot over an unpainted steel roof, while the more efficient included cool-roof coatings can upload $1 or greater in keeping with rectangular foot to the cost of the roof [source: Department of Energy].

Select the appropriate shingle – For the steep-sloped roofs found on maximum U.S. Homes, fashionable fiberglass asphalt shingles may be replaced with cool asphalt shingles containing particularly covered reflective granules to help them better mirror daylight. Shingles made from wood, polymer, and metallic can also be covered to enhance their solar reflectance [source: Department of Energy].

Shingles are commonly not as reflective as any of the cool roof options available for low-sloping roofs, but their familiar appearance and conventional fashion make them a famous desire for residential construction. A cool shingle with white granules fees about the same as one with the antique, popular dark asphalt granules, whilst a shingle with its particularly coated granules colored to suit the favored color of the roof can cost from about 35 to75 cents extra according to square foot [source: Department of Energy.

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