Farming in Kenya has picked within the pleasant way we could have all imagined. Even with chilli farming you could make un imaginable earnings. Chilies have brilliant dietary price in view that they may be supply of diet C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, iron, potassium and magnesium. The capsaicin in them contain anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, anti-carcinogenic and analgesic residences. They also help to lessen levels of cholesterol inside the body, aid in digestion, assist relieve migraines, muscle and joint pain.Given the tropical climatic conditions of Kenya, chilies farming is good, and the warmer the developing situations the hotter the chili.

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How to Make money Through Chilli Farming
Chilies have to be farmed in a place wherein they get sufficient daylight, where the temperatures don’t get below 150C.

The styles of Kenyan chillies constitute a number of the hottest of them; Cayenne Pepper, Bird Eye, Jalapeno, Serenade, habareno and more.


Chili Farming: Ecological necessities
The crop can grow at elevations from sea stage to 1500m above sea degree
The crop prospers in regions with medium rainfall approximately 600-1,200mm in step with annum.
Excess rain can causes leaf dropping and reason rotting
Extreme water deficits can stunt growth and reason flower abortion and fruit drops for this reason irrigation is suggested in which rainfall is insufficient.
Chilies are heat seasoned crops consequently touchy to frost. The most effective temperatures for growth and fruit set are 20-300C.

Night temperatures below 16oC and day temperature above 320C can but prevent/reduce fruits set.
Low humidity and excessive temperatures motive abscission of buds, flower and fruit.
Light loamy, non-acidic, well drained soils are perfect for capsicum boom however with right soil management, chili can grow in a wide variety of soil types. Soil pH of 4.3-9.7 is nicely tolerated. However the foremost is pH is 6.0-6.Five.

Chili Farming: Planning Production

Production have to be finished in collaboration with the buyer so that the produce can be accrued right now after drying
Get certified seeds from a encouraged supply.
The length of farm ought to be determined via the labour to be had in particular during harvesting.

Chilli Farming: Fertilizer software
Application of up to ten heaps/ha of Farm Yard Manure or compost is suggested depending on soil natural matter content (2 handfuls per planting hole).
250 kg/ha TSP or DAP may be carried out for the duration of transplanting. Top-get dressed with one hundred kg/ha CAN whilst flora are about 15 cm and later with two hundred kg/ha CAN after four weeks.

Chilli Farming: Harvesting
The fruits are geared up for first selecting between 2 half to three months after transplanting.
Picking keeps for three to 4 months and it’s far recommended to reap all the crimson ripe chilies as soon as they seem.
Harvesting can be executed a couple of times per week.
Harvest mature, deep red fruits best of length no longer greater than 2 cm. Chilies have to be picked with out stalks.
Damaged, overripe, or inexperienced chilies ought to not be taken to the dryer.
The fruit must be picked early in the day after dew evaporates from the plant.
It is a long way extra worthwhile to reap all of the fruit from a few vegetation than half of the fruit from many plants.

Chilli Farming: Yield
Depending on management yields of 1,000 kg to 3,000 kg per acre may be carried out.
Well-managed farms should be capable of yield at least 600 grams of fresh chili according to plant in keeping with yr or 2 hundred grams of dried chili.
A well maintained crop have to produce up to a few tons of chili per acre.

Chilli Farming: Challenges in manufacturing
Harvesting is the maximum labour in depth interest in chilli manufacturing. This has been a deterrent to large scale manufacturing of chili.
It is advisable not to plant more bushes than you could effortlessly harvest.

Chilli Farming: Advice to capability growers
The marketplace needs top excellent and regular product. Drying and grading operations needs to be maintained at excessive standards.
Start on a small scale and make bigger production as you get skilled.
It is important to devise manufacturing with the Buyer with a purpose to make certain well timed shipping of the produce after drying.


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