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Ranjini Haridas is on cloud nine, almost literally, as her new apartment in a marad High-rise in kochi has been credited as a splendid blend of art and architecture. Each part of the whole apartment basks in light sky blue texture and is endowed with a special theme by means of color, craft and furniture.


The interiors have been designed by Ranjini herself. The 2000 square feet flat reflects the bohemian out look the anchor-actress carries. The view from the entrance provides a glimpse of what’s in store. The beautiful house of 2000 square feet has living and dining space, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and bathrooms.


The interiors designed in the open style. So it gives the exact feeling of living in a vast and specious house. There is a large Budha portrait on the wall in the front. This plays major role in filling the interiors with incredible positive energy. The potted plants, bamboo chair and the magnificently crafted name board are all inviting and suggest the amount of artistry that has gone into designing the house.
Courtesy : Vanitha Veedu


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