Residential Wall Paper Installation


Residential wall paper offers versatility and textures that can transform a room without wallpapers, your walls are going to look naked and dull. Wall papers let you show off your personality or make a room look livelier. There are no limits when it comes to residential wall papers. Having a stylish space in what everyone wants you can have a modern design for your living room and have a girts or boyish design in your room. Having one makes you feel more confident to welcome guests.

Standard Installation Of Residential Wallpaper:-


1.Before cutting, examine goods to make sure pattern colors is satisfactory and as ordered.

2. Number panels and headers as they are cut from the roll and apply to the wall in the same sequence. Be sure to cut in reverse roll number.

3. Install wallpaper under adequate lighting and evaluate for color uniformity.


4. Before starting to hang wallpaper, clear the work area and make sure electrical outlets are off and remove wall fixtures.

5. Measure the wall length, add 4″, then cut the wall paper.

6. Selvage should be removed from the wall and seams closed with in one hour.

7. Create vertical plumb lines.

8. Hang the first strip to the vertical line and allow overlap onto the ceiling and baseboard. Using a smoothing brush remove any air bubbles and make sure all of the wallpaper has made good contact with the wall. Mkae relief cuts with scissors or a knife.

9. Proceed to second strip.

10. Be certain to wash the ceiling and the base board to remove any paste reside. Protect the face of the wall paper when cleaning.

11. After three panel have been smoothed to the wall surface and excess paste removed, examine the installed panels for uniformity in color.

12. Keep going, You’ve got it.


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