Rooftop Fish Farming


Aquaculture is taken into consideration to be one of the important meals-producing sectors inside the global. Growing population and urbanization have reduced the land area and water assets available for farming. By keeping this in mind, we have observed a few revolutionary tactics to make use of the available land successfully. The Urbana’s are receiving food fish made from every other part of the u . S . Through a long chain of transporters and mediators, which increase the price of fish food. There is a taboo that town people cannot do farming of their busy time table and if they’re equipped additionally they may not get the proper region and water supply to do farming. But urbanist can do farming with their rooftops and construct their sewage treatment plant life in their domestic as like rooftop agriculture farming. This ecological sanitation (ultimate the loop) by using the use of the waste produced in our domestic will produce food for us as it will give a chance to us to be our scavenger for our waste produced. This, in flip, reduces the waste produced and make use of the to be had water sources, especially in Urban regions.

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Global situation:
Globally the rooftop fish farming is in infant level except some aquaponics machine are locating its vicinity with decorative as well as commercial fish manufacturing. In some countries just like the USA, they’ve the largest rooftop vegetable farm referred to as Brooklyn rooftop farm. These Urban agriculture activities are taking place around the sector via a call referred to as zero acreage farming. The case studies of this aquaponics had been mentioned from many nations like USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Singapore (Devi Buehler and Ranka Junge, 2016). The Astaf Pro device is an aquaponics related project at the rooftops in Germany, and there they are culturing perches along with a few greens. In Switzerland Efficient City Farming (ECF) is producing food fishes along side the plant life and making plans for the sector’s maximum huge infrastructure setup for rooftop fish farming.

Indian scenario:
Rise in the populace and urbanization induced a restricted availability of agricultural and aquaculture land in India. The usage of pesticides is growing, which resulted in many facet outcomes that opened the eyes of urban to visit natural farming. In elements of Bengaluru urban aquariculture is gaining significance where small and excessive-give up ornamental fish sorts are bred in small boxes at the rooftops through using the herbal sunlight. Most of these fanatics use damaged tanks, package substances or other discarded boxes for fish farming. All that they need is a rigid shape. They use even tough package deal cloth as a box and cowl its internal surface with a polythene sheet to show the shape right into a waterproof field. In Assam Dr Amarjyoti Kashyap, heads Environ, an NGO promoting waste management and sustainable practices has created a pond at the rooftop of his two-tale constructing for rearing and cultivating fish. Many urban cities can also comply with those tasks.



Gift for Fish fans who can subculture ornamental fishes in their rooftops in small scale

Easy Care and Maintenance

Reduction in the transport price from farm to town, which in turn lessen the duration of the marketplace channel and circuitously lessen the CO2 emissions.

Cultivation of meals fishes in an natural manner

Can be incorporated with small scale olericulture

Cooling Effect to the Homes


Evaporation of water in summer time months

Lack of cognizance about the rooftop aqua/aquaculture amongst public

Fish Seed availability in Urban areas

The Mindset of the urban peoples in the direction of aquaculture

The agriculture sector had already started out reaping rewards by way of following the rooftop approach. Now it’s the time for Aquaculture to intensify and achieve the benefits. In India water scarcity is one of the maximum vital constraints, many towns are not getting proper water supply for his or her domestic utilization. Construction and management of sewage remedy flora require a low volume of water, considering we’re able to reuse water for fish production and gardening. This form of exercise can acquire green use of rain water. The rooftop technique can create green, easy and safe cities in close to future. Since maximum of the population density is higher within the towns, the technique will result in the modern blue revolution in India with zero acreage land.


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