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Rose Apple Growing (Wax Apple) Guide:


Introduction to Rose Apple Growing:- Well, did you ever heard of rose apple fruit? Rose apple is a tropical and sub-tropical fruit specially grown in southeast Asia. This fruit is very crispy and attractive may be cultivated very without problems even in bad soils. Rose apple or Rosewater apple is popularly called “Jambu” or “Wax apple”. The taste of this fruit is just like an apple. However, the flesh of the rose apple is softer than the apple and it has an excellent rose aroma. These end result are precise in form and to be had normally in red colorings.

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When it involves the rose apple tree description, the overall peak is about 20 to 24 toes or even extra. Usually, this tree leaves are 7 to 8 inch in length and a pair of inches in width. Most of the gardeners display the interest to develop inside the outside or maybe in massive packing containers. You also can get bonsai apple rose bushes for indoor /backyard/pot developing reason. Rose apple fruits may be eaten as raw or utilized in salads. These end result have a crisp and barely bitter flavor, due to this fact they are very well suit into jams, jellies, wines, and pickles. Apart from the fruit, the rose apple tree bark is often used in herbal medicines and its wooden is used to make equipment. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are states in which those culmination are properly grown. This fruit has an superb future because of its fitness blessings, uses and smooth developing techniques. The first-class advantages of this tree are, as soon as its orchard is hooked up, it can fetch you fruits for 30 to 35 years. These end result are notably perishable and must be ate up as quickly as they ripen completely. Commercial cultivation will fetch right profits underneath ideal orchard control practices and advertising practices.

Scientific Name or Botanical Name of Rose Apple:- Syzygium samarangense / Syzygium jambos.

Family Name of Rose Apple:- Myrtaceae.

Genus of Rose Apple:- Syzygium.

Common names of Rose Apple:- The following are the common names of this fruit.


Malabar Plum
Bell Fruit
Java Apple
Chom pu
Pomme Rosa
Pomme Rose
Pommier Rose
Poma Rosa
Manzana Rosa
Manzanita de Rosa
Bodhi Tree
Wax Apple
Wax Jambu
Health Benefits of Rose Apples:-The following are some of the health benefits of Rose Apples.

Rose apples are an awesome source of nutrients which include protein, diet ‘A’, nutrition ‘C’, fiber, calcium, iron. Its excessive fiber content facilitates to prevent constipation and allows digestion
Consuming rose apple juice frequently can be beneficial in detoxifying the liver and kidney
The alkaloid compound determined in the rose apple tree bark can help in controlling diabetes
This fruit antioxidants and excessive potassium are good for cardiovascular fitness can also prevent heart sickness and stroke
Rose apple may boost immune gadget since it has an excellent source of nutrition ‘C’
This diet ‘C’ rich fruit may also save you tamers and a certain type of cancers.

Varieties (Cultivars) of Rose Apples:- Black Pearls and Green Pearls are two rose apple categories grown southeast Asia. The cultivars encompass below these categories are;

Big Fruit
Thub Thim Chan
Indonesian Big Fruit
Beg Red
Vietnam White
Note: Out of those types, ‘Pink and Big Fruit’ occupies eighty% of cultivation. There are other varieties grown in specific parts of the sector, take a look at together with your horticulture branch for a excessive yielding industrial hybrid form of rose apple suitable for your area.

Climate Requirement for Rose Apple Growing:- The rose apple belongs to tropical fruit tree species and it prospers well on the temperature range of 25 to 32°C. Cool temperatures enhance overall soluble solids (TSS) and pores and skin anthocyanin accumulation in rose apple fruits. For higher growth of the tree, higher yields and best produce, this crop calls for a excessive water supply. Soil need to be maintained with steady moisture by warding off any water pressure for a hit rose apple developing.

Soil Requirement for Rose Apple Growing:- The first-rate appropriate soils for growing rose apples levels from moderate acid to moderate alkaline, and sandy to clayey. Rose apples grown in coastal areas with mild alkaline and clayey soils will bring about nice culmination. Commercial growers of rose apples should don’t forget for soil check although these timber can live on in negative soils.

Propagation in Rose Apple Growing:- Propagation of rose apple trees can be executed by seed or saplings. Major propagation is completed by using cuttings and air layering.

Land Preparation, Planting, and Spacing in Rose Apple Growing:- Land need to be prepared properly sufficient to do away with any weeds and different substances like rocks and appropriate pits must be dug for rose apple developing. When it comes to plant and row distance, an appropriate row-to-row distance is 7 meter to eight meters and five meters to 6 meters is for plant-to-plant. This will accommodate approximately 250 to 325 bushes in step with 1-hectare area.

Irrigation in Rose Apple Growing:- Rose apple trees require considerable water deliver in the course of their increase length. This crop needs regular moisture ranges within the soil. Avoid any water pressure particularly in the course of its boom. Drip irrigation is the excellent option for developing rose apples. Tree basins should be included with any mulch material for persevering the soil moisture. If you use any herbal mulch fabric like straw or any type of dry leaves for mulching, they are able to workout as organic compost ultimately which can bring about exact boom of the tree. Frequency of irrigation in rose apple developing relies upon on soil moisture conserving potential and climate. However, you must make certain consistent moisture in the soil through avoiding any water stress. It calls for on the spot irrigation after transplanting within the field. Avoid any water stagnation at plant basins for a long time.

Manures and Fertilizers in Rose Apple Growing:- Usually, rose apple crop over 7 years of age requires 1,300 to one,600 grams of nitrogen (N), P2O5, K2O each. Urea of 2.5 to 3.5 kg/plant/12 months along side 15 to twenty tonnes/ha of organic matter (properly-decomposed farmyard manure) should be carried out. A basal dose of fertilizer must be carried out through digging, and supplemental doses of fertilizers ought to be carried out via soil drenching, spraying on tree leaves or broadcasting on the soil floor before irrigating the bushes. In the case of sandy soils, this crop calls for a lesser quantity of fertilizers with more frequent programs and in case of clayey soils, this crop requires lesser chemical fertilizers.

Intercultural Operations in Rose Apple Growing:- The following activities have to be done as a part of an intercultural operation inside the orchard.

Weed Control: Shallow cultivation ought to accept to control weeds between rows and hand weed may be carried out at the plant base. Mulching also can be practiced to control weeds on the tree base and save you moisture loss. This can also guard from soil erosion.

Pruning: Rose apple tree can attain a top of 12 to fifteen meters. However, for organising a better framework, the peak of the tree should be adjusted to four to 5 meters peak via the pruning process. Annual renewal pruning need to be performed after harvesting or earlier than production length to make the preferred tree height. The a success pruning relies upon on production length adjustment of the orchard, soil type and season.
Inter-crops in Rose Apple Growing:- Commercial growers of apple rose crop can earn extra income by way of cultivation inter-vegetation during preliminary years of rose apple plantation. Can develop any vegetable or herbs at some point of this era.

Pests and Diseases in Rose Apple Growing:- Controlling pests and illnesses is critical in any fruit orchard.
The rose apple tree has very few severe diseases and insect troubles. However, Root rot and mushroom root rot can assault the crop. For signs and symptoms and control measures of any pests and sicknesses in rose apple growing, you ought to touch your nearest department of horticulture. To save you the rose apple end result from an insect chew and sunburn, bagging the fruits with paper bags has been practiced by many farmers.

Harvesting in Rose Apple Growing:- Rose apple timber begin bearing culmination three to 5 years after planting relying on the variety or about 2 years after top grafting. Hand choosing is favored all through harvesting. As these end result are notably perishable, one need to now not hold at the tree for a long term after ripening starts.

Post-Harvesting and Marketing in Rose Apple Growing:- Taking care of rose apples may be very essential as they may be fairly perishable. After the harvesting of culmination, they have to be kept in material luggage and save in a groovy vicinity. Grading must be performed based on length and flesh color before transporting to market. Pre-cooling of rose apple end result after harvesting should be carried out to carry down the temperature of culmination. This can greatly help in extending its shelf life. Usually, the temperature of 10 to 12°C is required for pre-cooling. However, inside the case of the export market, pre-cooling at zero to 5°C have to be done for someday and ultimately at 10°C.


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