shape of eyebrow and personality


FLAT/STRAIGHT EYEBROWS – The flat eyebrows are similar to the strong (one) in Chinese calligraphy, which can be slightly longer than the eyes and feature neat and beautiful head and tail. People with flat eyebrows are stubborn, masculine, creative, endowed with civil and martial virtues, decisive and upright in doing matters. They have numerous rich siblings and get at the side of every other properly; additionally, they stay with their spouses together till old age. However, they frequently have conflicts with others. Women with flat eyebrows are particularly self-esteemed and masculine however the too thick eyebrows imply the terrible marriage. For guys, the flat eyebrows are an amazing signal of masculinity; guys with thick and extensive flat eyebrows are shrewd and talented.

Commonly seen amongst girls, the willow leaf eyebrows feature sharp tail, curve just like the willow leaf and look beautiful. People with willow leaf eyebrows are mild, wise and filial to dad and mom and get along properly with brothers and sisters.Women with willow leaf eyebrows are soft-hearted, gentle, stunning and full of feminine appeal. Men with this sort of eyebrows are feminine and talented in artwork. Generally, they are sensitive, touchy, sentimental and indecisive. Besides, they’re devoted, reliable and sincere to pals.


CRESCENT MOON SHAPED EYEBROWS/HALF MOON EYEBROW – Just like the crescent moon at the start or stop of a month, this type of eyebrows curve downward just like the willow leaf eyebrows but wider and lighter than the latter. Crescent moon shaped eyebrows are a great signal which shows the human beings are type-hearted, slight-tempered, thoughtful, sensitive and of artistic temperament. They normally have suitable good fortune and interpersonal courting, get help from family and buddies and revel in the satisfied marriage. The shortcoming lies in that they’re over emotional and idealistic, reputedly out of touch with truth.
Women with such eyebrows are extremely shrewd and surprisingly perceptive to literature and art, have too many suitors and want to beware of the extramarital affair. Men with such eyebrows basically work in artwork.


JOINED EYEBROWS/UNIBROWS Joined eyebrows – (also unibrows, related, meeting or continuous eyebrows), because the name implies, talk to the eyebrows meet each in the center above the bridge of the nostril. The hair above the bridge of the nose for the prominent unibrows is the equal colour and thickness because the eyebrows. “In both Ancient Greek and Roman cultures, unibrows have been prized as beautiful, desirable capabilities worn with the aid of the most intelligent and lusted-after women. ” However, in Chinese physiognomy, humans with joined eyebrows are chronic, inflexible and likes to think an excessive amount of, for this reason often get into a useless cease.

In phrases of affection relationship, they’ve exceptional temperaments with their partners, and fee their personal reviews too much, nit-pick on their love and opt for best. When it involves profession, they tend to be idealistic and fail to conform to the worldly etiquettes, for this reason cannot get in conjunction with the leader in rate. On the opposite hand, they have outstanding perseverance and by no means surrender for the things they want to do. So, they generally should get achievement. Successful people with the joint distinguished eyebrows are like Frida Kahlo, Sophia Hadjipamteli, Kajol, Nicolas Cage, Salizhan Sharipov, and so on.

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