Sharpen a Nail Clipper


Decades in the past when this nail clipper was new I needed to reduce a few great copper wires. I had nothing else on the time and that i used my nail clipper. The wires made nicks in the reducing edges of the clipper. Finally I realized a method to sharpen the clipper’s chopping edges evenly and did so. (Ignore the surface rust that has appeared within the years considering.)

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Step 1: cast off the Actuating Lever
The jaws will ought to be held in role for sharpening. You want some precision elaborate to acquire with the aid of utilising the actuating lever on my own. Take away it by using squeezing the jaws along side your thumbs or thumb and first finger, or with a pair of pliers as shown right here. The lever falls out of the pin. Cast off the pin.

Step 2: deliver the Jaws together
Insert a screw into the hole for the pin and put a nut onto the threads. Tighten the screw and nut to drag the cutting edges on the jaws evenly together or virtually so. They would be even nearer together than shown here.

Step 3: Sharpen
The nail clipper has a flat face at the reducing edges on the front of the jaws. Grinding this flat surface will sharpen the cutting edges equally.

This clipper has a mildly convex floor, so it’s effortless to grind on a flat sharpening stone. Some clippers are as an alternative sharply concave on the entrance of the jaws. Light passes with an awfully best grinding stone in a Dremel device will work properly. Continue grinding lightly unless all nicks in the slicing edges disappear. You may also need to tighten the screw and nut somewhat as you go to keep the chopping edges almost one another even as you grind. If you find yourself finished, you will have two manufacturing facility new cutting surfaces and your clippers will work high-quality as soon as again. When completed grinding put off the screw and nut. Insert the pin. Squeeze the jaws together a bit and connect the actuating lever. Wash the clipper to take away any grit from grinding the slicing edges.


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