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Well, we have come to it at remaining… the very last section of our kitchen tour. I wish that these past numerous weeks have stimulated some of you, be it from the lovely, dreamy kitchens some bloggers have created to the bloggers who are “making due” and actually, doing it exceptionally properly. You’ve gotta love the photography setups and nifty kitchen or exciting pointers – those bloggers recognise their manner round a kitchen, understand their way round food. It’s all about sharing and getting to know (and guffawing, oh the laughing…)! Our ultimate two blogger kitchens are half a global apart and but these two human beings could not be more expensive buddies to me. Enjoy.

Blog: No Special Effects
blogger: Mark, or Manggy, which is a shortened model of my surname.
Area: Quezon City, Philippines
residence: I live in my parents’ house, which I experience especially protecting approximately given that I’m already a whole lot older than a lot of you probably have been by the time you’ve moved out! Think of the Philippines as the Italy of Asia, I bet (being a perpetual pupil didn’t help subjects). Anyway, the residence is nine years antique, and I adore it as my dad designed it and oversaw the construction.
Kitchen footprint: 10 sq. Meters
pictures: all pix of the No Special Effects kitchen are courtesy of Mark


Oh boy. It’s warm… and humid! Here we are within the Philippines journeying with Mark of No Special Effects. Er, that’s Dr. Mark to you 🙂 Not handiest is he Dr. Mark (of the MD persuasion), but if you have ever visited his blog, you recognize that he is a talented prepare dinner and baker. Mark youngsters around with everybody, but on the middle he is enormously thoughtful and sort… and dorky – all characteristics I cherish approximately him. After spending some months within the States interviewing, he again home just within the nick of time to partake in this tour notwithstanding combating jetlag. I’m absolutely satisfied to have him here. Let’s have a observe the kitchen, we could?


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I assume the most vital trade that took place to the kitchen once I decided to pick up the whisk is that it simply got used! Curiously in a few Filipino houses– and that consists of maximum of the Filipino homes I’ve seen– there’s what we name the “dirty kitchen.” And it doesn’t mean half the time we don’t care approximately meals safety; it most effective refers to a separate kitchen where you may genuinely mess up (oil splatters, spills) on a daily basis at the same time as the alternative kitchen, the “clean” one, is for display. Obviously I don’t like this device as the clean kitchen turns into a waste– soulless. While I’m no longer the only who chefs meals on a each day foundation, after I do cook dinner, I make it a factor to apply the kitchen for what it changed into constructed. As a end result, my pans and little knick-knacks invade most every crevice.


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