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Soft Skin Face Orange Peel facepack


Combine the orange peel or pastry with yogurt and apply on face. Wash it off with cold water when it is dry. This facial pack gives you the quality of cleansing cleanser. Remove the dirt from the skin and clean the cosmetic spots.
Mix it with orange powder or grated honey and lemon juice.



Wash this mixture off after it is dry. It gives your skin soft and supple. The honey skin is prevented from getting dry. The lemon is bleach, giving the quality. These are the factors that can help you get good skin.

Mix the turmeric powder with orange peel and mix it with yogurt. Use it on the face. It helps in coloring your skin. It is good to change the face of the face.
Combine the orange peel, orange peel, sandalpadode and rose powder and apply it on face. Wash it off after drying. This is a facial pack that helps you get rid of acne and shine your skin.


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