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SOLAR-KIT-15-1 Portable Solar DC Power Generator Kit


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Portable Solar DC Power Generator Kit 7.5Ah, three x 12V DC and 2 x 5V DC Power Output


A transportable and efficient way to energy DC devices for tenting, emergencies, and different conditions desiring power, the transportable sun energy generator kit features a strength generator with 2 x 12V DC output ports, 2 x 5V DC USB output ports, and 1 x 18V DC input port. The 2 x 12V DC ports allow you to electricity DC gadgets, along with lighting fixtures, portable electronics, and greater. The 2 x 5V DC USB ports charge smartphones, pills, and different 5V USB devices. The 1 x 18V DC enter port expenses the power generator. Included with the kit is a 15W sun panel and three LED lights. The 15W sun panel may be plugged into the DC enter port to charge the strength generator, while the 3 x 12V DC LED lighting fixtures may be used to provide transportable mild.
2 Ways to Charge

There are 2 approaches to fee your transportable energy package:
Charging via the Sun

By plugging within the protected 15W solar panel, you may rate the transportable power generator the usage of the electricity of the solar.
Charging via a Wall Outlet

Plugging inside the portable electricity generator to a wall outlet also can fee it.

Designed for portability, top notch for tenting, emergencies, or conditions desiring electricity
7.5Ah lithium battery
Eco pleasant
Quick and easy plugging in of 12V DC and 5V USB gadgets
Rechargeable lithium battery
three x 12V DC charging ports for charging small home equipment including lighting fixtures, computer systems, fanatics, etc. (each port supplies up to 1.2A)
2 x 5V DC USB charging ports to charge smartphones, GPS systems and maximum handheld gadgets (each port substances as much as 1A)
1 x 18V DC enter fees the electricity generator. It can be charged with the included 15W solar panel or a 18V wall adapter at 1A
Lithium battery takes about 5 hours to charge in direct sunlight on empty
three x LED lighting blanketed to offer portable light
1 x 15W Solar Panel
Solar panel: 14.6″ x 14.2″ x zero.70″ (W x H x D)
6 x 6 (36pcs) cell array
Sturdy three.2mm tempered glass with aluminum body

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