Solar Power For Air Conditioning – Cool Your House For Free


Using Free Solar Energy To Cool Your Home
Solar strength for aircon refers to using the solar’s energy or power to chill your own home. Using solar strength for air conditioning is simplest one way that solar panels have prolonged their utility for almost all electrical gadget in a house.

Even appliances used in boats, automobiles and a huge wide variety of industrial institutions have been tailored for the use of sun energy. Many domestic home equipment may be plugged into DC and fed at once from the solar panels and batteries.
The U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 generated investment for solar air conditioning research and development program. The aim of this system turned into to carry forward new technological improvements being advanced, specifically the ones making use of to solar air conditioning.Using solar electricity for air conditioning can be completed in three different approaches. The methods are:
passive sun
sun thermal strength conversion
photovoltaic conversion, which is a simple conversion of sunlight to energy
The quality element about the usage of sun electricity for aircon is the consolation it affords you financially by way of lowering your electricity bills even as cooling your house.
Another gain is the effective utilization of a natural resource to generate energy, to defend you from warmness created by using the equal natural supply, which is the solar.


Some functions of sun strength for aircon are:
They can store almost all the 40-80% of your electric powered prices attributed to air conditioning
Solar energy for aircon structures qualify to get you a 30% Federal Tax Credit
There is a discounted load at the compressor
The air conditioning gadget concentrated on sun strength produces much less noise while it is related to sun energy
Air conditioning controls and improves the inner humidity
A fall in the costs of photovoltaic panels has made using sun to chill your home a possible option
The sun panels established on the roof shield the roof itself from the direct sunlight so they color and keep the residence roof cooler. And via doing that the panels will maintain the air space below your roof from overheating.
How Using Solar Power For Air Conditioning Works
Let’s see how the cooling mechanism works internal a normal air conditioner. There are three components or additives that make up the air conditioner; the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Another key element that binds these 3 component collectively is the refrigerant, which actions from one part to the opposite, growing the cooling impact.


The refrigerant is contained within a sealed system. It starts flowing as a cool low-stress fuel in the compressor, wherein an electricity powered compressor compresses the refrigerant into a pressure heated excessive-energy fuel. The electric compressor does the major part of the paintings inside the air conditioner and is the factor that uses most people of the strength.

The second phase of the procedure takes place whilst the refrigerant actions into and via the condenser. The condenser enables dissipate all the warmth from the refrigerant and at this level, it changes into a very cold liquid, albeit still underneath excessive strain.
Lastly, within the evaporator the bloodless liquid refrigerant cools the air as it’s miles being blown out within the room. The refrigerant because it passes via radiator coils absorbs heat from the air passing through the air conditioner’s evaporator vents. The cold liquid inside the vented coils warms and the air is cooled.
Using Solar PV System For Air Conditioning
A regular imperative air conditioner calls for 220/240 VAC for going for walks the refrigerant via a warmth exchanger, for the fan of the air conditioner to perform. A massive unit like this can be used to chill complete houses as much as 2200 ft2, not like, a room air conditioner that runs off of 110 V and is able to cooling a house of up to three hundred ft2.

You will have these smaller room gadgets easily linked to offer solar electricity for aircon. An green solar strength gadget is capable of masking up its preliminary price in some years thru the financial savings made on electricity payments. The older models of air conditioners that used approximately 1200 Watts of energy would have cost too much to operate with solar energy. But, the more moderen efficient air conditioners are built to consume only six hundred watts of power in keeping with hour.

​The first step to installing sun power for aircon is to locate an green air conditioning gadget or unit that uses small amounts of electrical strength without compromising at the excellent of air con. With smaller power consumption for the cooling you would want much less extra sun panels for the warmth loading.
Select the aircon devices the you need, calculate the electrical load to run them and calculate the range of solar panels required while the use of solar to cool your house.

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